I caught myself settling for “self-care”

My men. #santarosabeach #florida

This is a photo from one of the few nice days we’ve experienced here in the Gulf this month. Mostly it’s been cold and windy and ohmygodifitdoesntstoprainingsoonIwillexplode.

I’ve been learning a lot about my self-care choices – where they suck and where they rock.

Being an HSP who likes to keep busy, likes change, likes movement and energy and having her hand in more than one passion at once all while homeschooling a 13 year old and traveling…means remaining veeeeeeeeeeeeery mindful of that little thing called balance. Because I need my quiet space as often as I need my uptime. And these past couple weeks have been a healthy challenge like no other.

#Happiness and "challenges". It's not so much that they go hand-in-hand but that both are themes in our lives that we get recognize are always there and totally up to us in how we experience them.

I wrote on Instacrack:

#Happiness and “challenges”. It’s not so much that they go hand-in-hand but that both are themes in our lives that we get recognize are always there and totally up to us in how we experience them.

Yeah, that.

Full admission: My self-care has looked too much like zoning out in front of the television the past week, pretty much the worst way for an HSP to “unwind”. The noise, the lights, and why the hell do they have to SCREAM AT ME during every commercial? (Not to even mention the 3+ hours of my life lost to the Oscars. Why Tara why?)

But on the days when I create that space to settle into stillness, self-love, grounding practices, I’m more productive, have more energy, feel emotionally balanced.

I know it. You know it, too.

Why don’t we do it?

Why don’t we walk out of the room if the TV is on, and crack open a good book? Why don’t we shut it off and break out our art journals? Why don’t we step away from Facebook and actually (wait for it) call a friend and say hello?

Sometimes it’s just a matter of habit. We move from the place we always move from without giving thought to why. Bringing awareness to the knee-jerk choice, the comfortable rut we’ve found ourselves in, is sometimes all that’s needed.

And then sometimes we need to DIG IN, understand the barrier in front of our feet, keeping us from stepping on in order to take it apart, brick-by-bloody-brick.

And then, even then, we still will run into the same damn obstacle from time to time.

Which brings me back around in my lazy and meandering way to that Yogi teabag up there and my Instacrack nugget o’ truth.

Opportunities, what we like to call challenges after we paint our perception across them, are going to remain. Not because “life is hard”, but because Life is Life. It’s here, full of experiences and opportunities and ways to interpret them.

But happiness. The ability to choose. It’s always here too.


And we can always choose a different choice.

It won’t always happen overnight. But then it’s not usually suppose to. It’s suppose to continue to stretch us, grow us, show us. Show us that it’s always possible to get our needs met when we meet Life with the awareness and the readiness to experience it. Show us that it’s all up to us and how we perceive and what we believe and what we’re here do about it.

Me…I’m here to learn to put down the easy fixes, the quick and shallow dips into the real depths of what is calling me (oh yes, I’m still working with Surrender). I’m here to learn to step away from what’s not working, or just kinda sorta sometimes working, and do what actually works.

And not just when it makes a pretty picture, I swear. (Oh that, my friends, is fodder for a post of its own.)

Ask yourself: What am I settling for in my own self-care?

Is “filling our cups” conditional happiness for mamas?

True to the that. #yogi #tea #wisdom

I love all you women on the Tribe/Sisterhood forums. If you’re not on there, or not over there often, they’re all so beautifully deep and reflective and honest. The conversations that stem from those qualities are cup-filling for me, big time.

One such conversation was on that exact topic, “Filling Our Cups”, also the first module of the Organic Parenting e-course. This part of the course focuses on a part of the Digging Deep process that is based off of Nonviolent Communication. A really important and soul-stretching discussion was opened up on whether our attempts to meet our needs and create the elements that “fill our cups” can lock us into a form of conditional happiness…as in “I can only be happy when I get what I want”.

This was particularly thought-provoking for me:

I worry that I will become *dependent* on “getting my me-time” or whatever it is, for my happiness…instead of just learning to be happy in the moment.

I answered there, but wanted to share some other thoughts here too, as it’s been on my mind.

I wholeheartedly concur with the part of NVC that states the way we feel is based on our needs being met. In other words, yes…we are dependent on our needs being met to be happy (although never dependent on how). But then there is the spiritual practice of radical acceptance, finding peace within the moment, surrender to was is deeper than our needs, what is always accessible at our core.

It’s like reconciling the practical with the spiritual.

We have needs. No amount of anything can change that.

And when our needs are going unmet, we can feel depleted, overwhelmed, resentful, impatient and so on.

So how do we practice radical acceptance and happiness while acknowledging and meeting our needs? Doesn’t that mean radically accepting that our needs are going unmet?

Maybe. And I hope not. 😉

I think for me it’s about radical acceptance of others, radical acceptance of limitations {be they time or resources or the demands of a family and home}, radical acceptance of messy experiences and emotions…and radical acceptance that my needs STILL are valid and important and deserving of honoring.

My happiness isn’t actually dependent on the actions I take to meet my needs. My happiness IS dependent on meeting my needs. But meeting my needs can just as easily be learning to take a deep breath and tap into that sense of acceptance within any moment, as it can be about getting creative in finding a little quiet space for myself in my day or turning on music to ease my nerves or eating my favorite meal for breakfast.

When I’m unhappy it IS because my needs are going unmet but that doesn’t mean I have to feel resentful or angry or frustrated or overwhelmed. When I’m feeling those things it’s my sign that I’m not meeting my needs but instead focusing on an expectation of HOW I meet my needs.

Meeting my needs, filling my cup, doesn’t make my happiness conditional on what’s happening AROUND me. It makes it conditional on how I choose to respond to what’s happening WITHIN me.

{Oooh, I like how that came out.}

{P.S. If this is a meaningful topic for you, you might consider the Organic Parenting e-course. There are plenty of resources in it and on the forums to support you in digging into and peeling back the layers of this challenge so many of us face. (((hugs))) to you while you do.}

6 Signs of a Truly Happy Woman

Years ago I use to look at so many women and think they were so happy.

I’d wonder what their secret was to having that much joy.

Mama break in the jacuzzi. Love my tribe.  <3
Jacuzzi break with my spirit sistahs. Some deeply happy women, these ones.

As I grew to find and experience my own joy, I took another look at those women I had admired and was surprised at what I saw. From a different vantage point, there was a hollowness in their life and an emptiness in their words. I suddenly saw the harshness of their jokes or comments (about themselves or other women) and the lack of peace that I found comes with real joy.

Then as I began coaching, I spent a lot of time helping women DIG IN beneath the surface to find that ability to thrive.

And as I watched them rock things out in their lives I found a few things to repeat themselves, patterns of happiness and consciousness and confidence and the ability to truly thrive.

If you were to ask me what real happiness, serious joy, true thiving looks like, this is what I’ve seen.

6 Signs of a Seriously Thriving, Happy Woman

  1. She has space in her life for her own sadness, anger, frustration, sorrow: Women who seem “up” all the time are the ones I’ve come to worry about the most. Some of those women are battling with a belief that no one wants to hear from them unless they’re happy, and so they put on a mask in an attempt to gain approval. Others need to stay “up” all the time to prevent their world from crumbling. But truly happy women embrace their experiences of sadness, anger, frustration, sorrow or pain with authenticity and gentleness. They don’t hide how they feel, although they don’t project it onto others either. She doesn’t blame her emotions on others, or expect others to fix it for her. She simply sits with what stirs within her, examining it when necessary, trusting the ebb and flow of it without worry that it will overtake her. She knows that to experience deep joy she must learn from deep pain without drowning herself in it, without attaching to either, but simply trusting the process of life.
  2. She celebrates the beauty of others: You won’t find a truly joyful women with a critical eye towards others. No snarky remarks about other women; no judgment. Honesty about her experience of others, yes; but only in how she is experiencing it and what it is meaning to her. Criticism and negativity toward others is a poison that kills joy in mere moments. A truly joyful woman shares concern and compassion and naturally notices and celebrates the beauty, not the mistakes (or what she perceives as mistakes).
  3. She automatically assumes the best in others: A really happy woman doesn’t spend time taking shit personally. She knows it’s not always about her; in fact, it’s rarely about her. When someone says something or does something, she doesn’t take offense. She takes a stance of curiosity, assuming good intent and quieting any negative thoughts her mind sputters out. She asks genuine questions and continues to offer compassion and a desire for connection. She doesn’t spend a lot of time stewing over the incident, but simply addresses what she senses needs her attention and releasing all else.
  4. She only sees comparisons in terms of inspiration: No jealousy. No sense of competition. No criticism. And no self-judgment either. This goes back to #2, seeing and celebrating the beauty in others. But when that beauty stands out, she also tends to use it to inspire herself to her own greatness. She turns it into a reason to celebrate what she CAN do, instead of feeling guilty or less-than over what she’s yet to do.
  5. She dwells on what is and sees the beauty of the moment: Shit happens and she knows it. She doesn’t go into denial (see #1), but she does amplify the good wherever she can see it. She knows her energy is fullest when she is ready to turn her intention and attention to gratitude.
  6. She speaks her mind and with honor towards others: She doesn’t hold back her convictions or her heart and soul. She speaks what’s on her heart, and listens to the deeper experiences of others; she’s willing to have her mind changed, but only if it’s Truth that is resonating with her. And she doesn’t take it personally when someone disagrees, or even gets upset. She just keeps shining in her Truth with kindness and compassion, unapologetically. She doesn’t argue because she has nothing to prove and she knows when to walk away and when to stand her ground.

The more conscious I became of these patterns, and my own painful patterns, the more I began to practice them.

Because that’s the other thing I’ve found: These signs were not symptoms of already being happy.

They were practices to choose and create happiness.

Ask Yourself: Which of these resonate with me?


15 Songs I Can’t Help Moving To, Getting Lit Up About and Making My Day Better With

Most people don’t know this about me, because I can’t play an instrument to safe my life (unless practically screaming into a harmonica to the loud song playing in my ears counts), but music is my lifeblood. I can never understand how a person can sit still or not belt out the lyrics to (or at least hum along to) a good song.

Razzle Dazzle
Let’s Make Music!

I can’t help myself:

  • I’ve been known to rock out at red lights to Metallica for the entertainment of the car to my right.
  • I’ve been seen dancing down the aisles of the grocery store to Fleetwood Mac, as if my life were a musical (please! let me live my life as a musical!).
  • I can’t help but sing loudly in indoor pools – the acoustics smooth out my voice. 😉
  • I’ve been found next to the window seat of a flight out of somewhere singing Leaving on a Jet Plane without realizing it was out loud.
  • I constantly assign songs to different experiences of my life (and play them over and over).

I’m pretty sure Zeb, being almost 13, either hides his embarrassment or he just assumes every mom does this sort of thing. (My husband isn’t phased.)

It’s cool. I’ll own it. Because I’ve found every emotion I have is better expressed with earplugs in, music drowning out the world, my body moving and my voice preferably louder than I realize.

There’s a thread over on the Sisterhood forums about songs that move us, or that we move to, that’s been on my mind.

So these are the top 15 songs (current and past) that get me moving, get me happy, help me burn off emotions or stress and generally light up my days. In no particular order. 🙂

1. On Top of the World – by Imagine Dragons

IG is a band we were introduced to in Las Vegas. They were small and local, just going regional two years ago and they gave the BEST show EVER. Justin and I both fell in love with them together (which is rare for us). They are energetic, enigmatic and FUN.

Case in point, this song:

2. Sleepyhead – by Passion Pit

I know I’ve linked them before. I’m not a big techno fan (or whatever genre they’d be considered, I don’t even know), but I cannot help but swing around a little with this one. This song is my go-to when my body needs to just let it all go and move and shake loose the day or the overwhelm or the funk.

3. Home – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

This song will forever and always remind me of the one magical weekend with Tiffani as we played, laughed and shaved my head. We listened to this damn song on repeat for three days straight. That weekend was all about fun, empowerment, courage, self-discovery, color, vibrancy and freedom for me and this song captures it all.

4. Faith by George Michael

I don’t know what it is about this song. It’s had me dancing for two decades and NEVER gets old. It’s a standby when I need to get up the energy to clean the house. Go fig. But I love it.

5. Let’s Get It Started – by The Black Eyed Peas

Anytime I’ve got those vomit-y kind of nerves over doing something Big, this is the song I hoop or dance or bounce or jump around to in order to remind me to put on my Big Girl Panties and gather up my courage and get some good stuff started. Yeah baby.

6. I’ve Just Seen a Face – by The Beatles, performed by Jim Sturgess

I love everything about the movie Across the Universe, this song being one of my favorites. Plus I really want to live in a musical and slide down the bowling lanes. Pleeeeeeease, can I??

7. Zombie – by The Cranberries

Ever have a lot of anger building in your chest? This is the same song I used to sing and stomp my feet to in order release all my anger when I was 14 too. Some songs have a lifelong impact, yo.

8. Footloose – by Kenny Loggins

Okay, seriously…WHO can hold still when this song comes on? And who doesn’t try to look like Kevin Bacon when they dance to it?

9. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – The Proclaimers

This song reminds me of huddling around my godmother’s TV with the whole family, watching Benny and Joon and all belting all the lyrics to this song. And it’s just fun to bounce to! Especially as you’re driving down the road.

10. Exactly – by Amy Steinberg

Just listen to the lyrics. Nuff said.

11. Just the Way You Are – by Bruno Mars

Not only does every women need to sing this song to herself, she also needs to bounce around to the bassline and twirl to the chorus. Trust me.

12. Fuckin’ Perfect – by P!nk

When I’m having one of those days where I’m just hurting and loathing my own self, this song is a rescue. Another one every woman needs to sing to herself (and her younger self and her aging self and her scared self).

13. What I Wouldn’t Do – A Fine Frenzy

Oh, this song. This is just a happy-day song. A climb-a-tree song. A smile-at-a-stranger song. A skip-and-clap song.

14. Blessed – Brett Dennen

Just like A Fine Frenzy, this song is just a happy-day song…it’s a reason to wallow in gratitude and celebration (as if we need a reason).

15. Somebody That I Used To Know – by Gotye (feat. Kimbra)

This may not seem like a seriously upbeat or even positive song to dance to. But to me it speaks of the depths and complexity of our silly human experiences with love and heartache and craziness and the rhythm is perfect to lose yourself in.

Well, I didn’t mean for it to be perfectly rounded out at 15 (I actually planned on sharing four but couldn’t stop myself once I started skipping through my iTunes and dancing to them all!) but it works. 😉

Organic Wisdom :: Your Happiness Is Your Job

Every Friday I intend to share some of the quotes I post on Twitter and Facebook, with some of my expanded thoughts and feelings on it here.

“Organic Wisdom” is what I have found speaking to me in those quiet moments, that guides me and that echoes Truth in my life. Please feel free to download, or share this image in any way you’d like.

How many times have you said, “You’re making mommy sad.

Or maybe “He made me so angry.

Yeah, I’ve done it too. And guess what? It’s an excuse.

It’s not my child’s job to make me happy. It’s his job to explore life, learn and grow, make mistakes and make messes. Not carry the burden of what others will think or feel about Who He Is.

And my anger? Comes from me, baby. No one else can “make” me angry. They can only offer me the mirror to reflect on the angry I’m holding within me.

It’s not their job to make me happy.

It’s their job to show me how I can choose love and happiness in any moment.

Our job is unconditional love. The job of everyone else in our life is to push our buttons. (Byron Katie)

When we give the responsibility of our happiness to someone else, we take it out of our own reach and we place it as a burden on them. Then they no longer have the ability increase their own joy and we no longer have the ability to celebrate and share in joy together.

Two people, twice as unhappy.

How would it feel to instead choose happiness and peace regardless of what someone else felt capable of doing or feeling in that moment?

How would it increase the very thing being sought after?

Organic Wisdom :: Think About It

Side note: We’re at DrumStrong with The Conscious Caravan this weekend! If you’re in the area I’d love to see you there. 😀 And stay tuned for the official introduction to the rest of the Caravan!

Every Friday I try to share some of the quotes I post on Twitter and Facebook, with some of my expanded thoughts and feelings on it here.

“Organic Wisdom” is what I have found speaking to me in those quiet moments, that guides me and that echoes Truth in my life. Please feel free to download, or share this image in any way you’d like.

We live in a fast-paced culture.

Ideas, thoughts, images, words, stimulation in one form or another is constantly flying by our heads.

We’re over-stressed, over-committed, and overwhelmed.

And although we know there is a time to process, to feel, to sink into our sorrow and experience what it’s offering us, we’re all craving that deep sense of gratitude that reverberates in our bones, craving to be overwhelmed with joy.

You don’t have to chase gratitude and joy.

You just have to stop and think.

Close our eyes and think about who your children are as people (not as the makers of mistakes).

Close your eyes and think about the core intentions of your partner (not the way he or she has learned to act on those intentions).

Close your eyes and think about what your body is capable of (not what you criticize it for).

Close your eyes and think about Who You Are – beneath the commotion and the ideas and the fears and the incessant need to impress or resist.

Just create a little space – in your schedule, in your home, in your head – to experience what is aching to fill the spaces of your heart.

What are you thinking of these days?

5 Reasons To Share A Photo of Your Ass With The World

  1. Tiffani from freeplaylife challenged women everywhere to do it. And really that should be enough said, but in case you’re still unsure…
  2. It freaks out your conservative side…If you think there is ANYTHING inappropriate about sharing a photo of a women’s body I encourage you to think again. (And what’s the difference between your undies and your bathing suit?)
  3. You’re worried what others will think…I’ve spent too much time there. And I realized that I could be authentic with everyone about Who I Am and what I believe, or not really be authentic at all.
  4. You’re rattling off all the reasons you think your ass isn’t “good enough” to share…I see your self-depreciation and raise you a scar, and stretch marks. Self-love means loving all of you. Start practicing.
  5. You’re a male and think you can’t join…Meet my husband. His motto: “Asses that play together, stay together.”

I wasn’t planning on joining in. Until I heard all the women who thought they couldn’t or shouldn’t. And nothing sparks my interest like challenging the Shoulds and Cants.

I have a four inch scar across my hip and stretch marks covering the span. I also have long toes, a bald spot on my head, knobby knees, adult braces, an uneven ribcage, protruding shoulder blades and another 18 inch scar down my spine.

Inspired by my favorite line in Fried Green Tomatoes…

And I don’t give a good goddamm!

I choose to love myself BECAUSE of these things.

It doesn’t matter if you think your ass is too wide, or too dimply, or too whatever else your self-doubt and downright rudeness has to say about your incredible body.

It’s not about having a “nice ass”…it’s about challenging our ideas of what nice means.

It’s about telling the media portrayal of “nice” that WE LOVE OUR BODIES just the way they are, for the incredible, wonderful, miraculous things they can do FOR US, not for the male fantasy.

Don’t take a photo of your ass to share with Tiffani. Take a photo to CHALLENGE yourself.

Challenge yourself to love all of you so much that you’ll share it with others. Challenge what you say you believe, but don’t live out loud. Challenge the fears of others while you’re at it.

Because like Christine pointed out, it’s all about the NamASSte. Seeing the beautiful and divine in each of us…including ourselves.


Burning My Dreads: The Final Goodbye

Bonfire with friends...yes please. http://instagr.am/p/fUVg1/

I assumed when I cut my dreads I would still have to let them go afterward. I pictured myself spending time reflecting on them as I burned them or buried them. I pictured it being ceremonious and personal and meaningful.

Yup, not so much.

From the moment I turned around from checking out my bald head in the reflection of the truck’s window and saw my pile of dreads laying on the ground, I’ve had no attachment to them.

They felt so distant, like looking at a relic of my past…once a part of me, now just a detail in my story.

Maybe it’s because it wasn’t the dreads that I had so much gratitude for, but the experience of them.

Or maybe once I do take the next step it’s when I feel ready to truly let go of the last.

Or maybe cutting them off cut that tie to the heavy energy they were carrying for me.

I don’t know.

All I know is that my dreads have been wrapped up in one of my favorite white scarves and I’d like my scarf back now! 😉

We spent last week camping with such gorgeous, soulful, conscious friends and I thought maybe it’d be meaningful (and in good company) to release them then, around the fire or in the lake.

So I grabbed a couple and threw them in the water and laughed at the idea of someone’s dog finding them.

Then I grabbed a small handful of my dreadlocks to burn in the fire.

(I thought about burning them all, but wasn’t sure just how much hair smelled when being burned, so I opted against stinking everyone out just yet.)

And there I stood.

Standing under the full moon, twisting five dreads around each other and waiting in front of the heat of the flames, waiting for some sense of ceremony or rush of emotion or depth of experience to come to me.

And it didn’t.

So I smiled and gave my heart a hug for its powerful ability to release without doubt or second-guessing or need for fanfare and I tossed them in and watched them sizzle and burn (and yes, human hair smells badly when burned).

Released five dreadies into the fire tonight :) http://instagr.am/p/fqLYN/

I had 40 dreads to begin with.

Two went to a soul sister, two to the lake and five to the fire. 31 are still occupying one of my favorite scarves and waiting to be sent off.

I’ve been thinking how I’d like to finally release the rest and the fire still calls to me. But maybe this time I’ll go it alone and see if they have any last words of wisdom to whisper to me in the stillness. And maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll just get on with the freedom and laughter I’ve been enjoying instead.

Want to read more about my process from dreadlocks to a shaved head?

All dreadlock posts from start to finish are here.

Part One: My announcement video of my decision to shave my dreads

Part Two: A more in-depth, emotional and raw video on my decision

Part Three: Putting The Process of Shaving Them into Words (and lots of photos)

Part Four: A GORGEOUS Video and words from other women who’ve done the same

“Surviving” Sucks. Get The Holiday Thriving Kit!

Let me tell you how this Holiday Surviving Thriving Kit all began.

I was freaking overwhelmed. I had a plate piled high and my mind wandering off in 14 different directions all at once – quite painful, I might add.

I was finding myself feeling unrooted, scattered, unable to be present or feel authentic. (Not authentically overwhelmed; I had that covered. But authentically my real self: grounded, kind, patient, compassionate.)

So I began to practice my own mindfulness meditation.

I would practice it in the tiny slivers of a moment between the action and my reaction.

I would practice it after it all took place.

But soon I found I wanted to practice it outside the moments all together, so that I could get firm in it before the world shook beneath my feet.

So I created a Guided Mindfulness Meditation for myself.

No intentions of sharing it. I created it just for me. And I practiced it.

And it was goooood.

I felt myself settling in…feeling rooted, grounded in mindfulness and the benefits of it.

I felt the chatter of my mind start to fade as I practiced listening deeper in and out of the most overwhelming days.

And as I sank deeper into my own mindfulness, it began to ripple around me.

My sweet husband, Justin, began to breathe with me, to reflect back to me the inner work I was doing and to organically begin to practice it himself. Even Zeb, at 12, started to notice and would begin to reflect it back for me, asking me how I was feeling when he saw my tension rise, unconsciously giving me that gentle reminder to move into mindfulness.

But it’s effectiveness truly showed itself during one of Life’s trials.

It was when we had a really hard couple days, when some really challenging things threatened to shake us up, when my ability to remain grounded was tested to the extreme and I knew my ability to remain mindful meant the difference between total success and total failure within the situation.

It was exhausting, and emotionally heartbreaking and took every last ounce of energy from me.

But no matter how exhausted I became, how close to my edge I thought I was, when I needed it the most I found myself able to remain grounded and mindful through this practice, transforming the challenge with the compassionate presence I found I was never without.

I had been wanting to offer this guided mindfulness meditation for weeks. But it wasn’t until I recognized just how powerful a practice it had become, that I truly felt ready to share it with you.

The Organic Sister’s Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is remaining present and deeply connected to Who You Are within any moment or situation.

It’s the ability to remain calm and centered around your values and the organic actions that spring from your values.

Life challenges that mindfulness. It offers so many opportunities to lose yourself.

We all know what it’s like to not feel mindful.

When we’re not mindful, we feel scattered, uneasy, irritable, overwhelmed, unable to see clearly and prone to losing our temper or our stability, to losing ourselves within the drama or commotion or emotion flying around us.

Gaining or regaining that mindfulness is crucial to what you’re ready to experience in your life.

This meditation is for anyone ready to:

  • Move out of the chaos of your mind’s chatter
  • Cut through the layers of complexity in any moment
  • Experience the deep grounding feeling that mindfulness brings
  • See clearly through the eyes of Compassion and Wisdom
  • Learn to stop your knee-jerk responses – you know, the ones you regret later
  • Offer support and steadiness to those in need around you
  • Bring calm, clarity, and kindness into your interactions with others.

This Guided Mindfulness Meditation is an organic practice. And as you practice it, both within the meditation and using the practice in your everyday life, you will experience the power that mindfulness holds for you.

What You Can Expect From This Meditation

This Guided Mindfulness Meditation is a 45 minute mp3 that is immediately available upon payment via download.

You can upload it on your iPod, your smartphone or save it to your computer.

And slowly, gently, it will guide you through a process of relaxing, grounding and connecting you to your awareness, to your body, to your heart. Then I will guide you to bringing this into any moment with the confidence that you can make this happen, that you can create the results of mindfulness in your life, before leaving you with several extra minutes to finish your meditation practice at your own pace.

And then The Holiday Thriving Kit was born.

In that same place of meditation I felt a very clear call and sudden call to create something more.

Something WITH the Guided Mindfulness Meditation…AND some other practical tools.

Tools I had recently shared with the Organic Tribe.

Because I know, as we come up on the holidays, mindfulness is a necessary and powerful practice to transform your experiences.

And I know that sometimes you might find you need a little more than mindfulness…you might need something to do next.

For a limited time, only until Wednesday, December 22…

I’m offering The Holiday Survival Thriving Kit, which includes:

  • The 45 minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation, described above, to give you a practice that you can use before, after and within your holiday season

  • An 80 minute Organic Tribe audio: Being Organic Around Conventional Wisdom, with four exercises to help you to remain true to your values around the people you love – the family, friends or even strangers – who don’t share those values. This Organic Tribe session is full of the coaching, the Aha moments, the tools you need to not be triggered by the things others say or do (to you, around you or about you), to continue to shine Who You Are, despite any odds.
  • And a 90 minute Organic Tribe audio: Stop Surviving the Holidays and Start Thriving (5 Things to Get Instead of Stressed), with the guidance and practices that you can use starting right now to change your experience of the holidays from overwhelm, discontent or unhappiness to joy, gratitude and Love, and includes another 20 minute guided meditation to help you remain connected to yourself, to what it is that feeds you and what it is that guides you toward truly loving and appreciating what is.

It’s all the tools, the coaching and the practices that you can use to truly thrive this holiday season.


What is your sanity worth this year?

Receiving this amount of coaching and tools personally from me would normally cost several hundred dollars or more in one-on-one coaching.

But for a short time, only until December 22nd, you can receive several hours of tools, coaching, and support for $74 or choose the meditation alone for $35.

Most gifts we give ourselves last a few hours, maybe a few weeks or months…

This gift will last you years.

And not just over the holidays. These are tools you can apply all year long.

Give yourself a gift this year.

Mindfulness. Grounding. Peace. Clarity.

The ability to think straight.

To hear your own Organic Wisdom and trust it.

The experience you and your entire family are needing.

The Holiday Thriving Kit Guided Mindfulness Meditation

P.S. Yes! Anyone who purchases either the Guided Mindfulness Meditation or The Holiday Thriving Kit will be invited to join The Organic Sisterhood! You’ll get that info upon payment.

Why I Love Getting Older :: How Aging Became an Honor Instead of a Fear (Video)

Women, especially older women, always smirk a little when I tell them how much I look forward to aging.

I can’t wait to get my first grey hair (or find them under all these dreads), I love the lines I’m wearing on my face, and how I see aging as one of the most beautiful things in the world.

They assume it hasn’t “hit me yet”.

Oh but it has. The fear of aging hit me a few years ago. Hard.

And that’s when everything changed.

I explain it, passionately and emotionally I might add, in this video below…


Could you use a little thriving growth in your life?

I have two very gorgeous new products to offer YOU this holiday season.

Not a gift for you to offer someone else, but something you can give yourself.

Mindfulness. Grounding. Love. Joy. Awareness. Wisdom. An experience that allows us to thrive – this holiday season and all year long.

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