A Mother’s Gift For You :: Filling Your Cup Meditation and Workbook (And It’s FREE!)

Dear, sweet, beautiful woman…

Let me tell you a little story…

Several weeks ago I had a little bird in my ear telling me I needed to do something for Mother’s Day to share here. It, of course, didn’t give me any hints and just left me hanging for awhile. So I made a little note on my To do list and just wondered each time I saw it, with a bit of trepidation in my heart because really…do I need any more projects?

But I leaned into Trust that what needed to come forth would come and would do so at just the right time.

Well then Monday rolled around and Justin and I went on a nature walk and came to the end of a path and sat on the makeshift log-bench and watched the scenery while the dog ran around and I verbalized all my thoughts. I had thought of launching the parenting e-course or another paid product but I knew enough people would be talking about things you could buy yourself for Mother’s Day and I heard a little pang of “No, yours needs to be a gift.”

I thought to myself, “These are the women who give all the time. I want to give them the gift of receiving. I want to fill their cups.

And as he and I spoke together the words just came out, “I think I’m going to create a little mini-meditation.”

A little bit of wisdom, a little bit of love, a little bit of breathing room is what I really want to offer you.

Later that day I sat down with my journal and allowed myself to process around what needed to come through me, who it was for, what it would say, what it would be called and got a very clear directive, “Don’t think about the words and the details now. Just sit down to record, and hold in the heart the women you most want to speak to, then speak.”

So I did just that. I climbed in the back of my sound studio (the backseat of the truck), closed my eyes, started the music in my ears and brought to my heart my mama and my tribe of sister-friends and you out there.

And then I spoke the words that needed saying. 

It’s not perfect. It’s not earth-shattering, except maybe for a few women who will receive it. The mini-workbook even has typos that I have no intentions of fixing.

But it’s filled with love. A gift from my heart and my wisdom straight to you.

Filling Your Cup :: A Mini-Retreat to Rest Your Tired Body, Nurture Your Depleted Heart, and Replenish Your Spiritual Cup

It includes…

:: A 24 minute meditation to allow you to rest, breathe, absorb and tap into what fills your spiritual cup
:: (Don’t have 24 minutes? The first 7 min were serendipitously created to standalone as a micro-mini retreat, a moment to catch your breath and stop wearing your shoulders like earrings.)
:: And a workbook filled with wisdom, affirmations, prompts and ideas to help you keep your cup full all year long.

And best of all?

It’s FREE.

Yes, free. A gift for you to receive.

No catch. No strings. Just something to open your heart to…

A moment of stillness. A pocket of peace. The knowledge and a few tools to feel vibrant and energetic.

The knowledge that you are enough.

That you deserve it.

Want to get yours?

Right click to download the
Filling Your Cup Mini Retreat toolkit.

P.S. It’s not just for mamas. It’s for all woman who give so much to the world around them and would like a little more practice receiving.

P.P.S. If you want to upload the MP3 to your iPhone you can do so by opening it in iTunes, right-clicking and converting to AAC version, then syncing that version!

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Parenting is hard. Damn hard at times.

And we can stand to share and learn all the tools possible to guide and nurture our children (without losing our minds) as we can get our hands on.

But if those tools are based on power-over or carrot-and-stick, we’re just teaching our children the things they’ll need to unlearn later in life to be intrinsically motivated and able to form healthy relationships.

This is why I hope you’ll check out the Organic Parenting course.
The Organic Parenting Package

It includes:

  • Six core modules, as well as two bonus modules
  • Audio, video, transcripts, and workbooks for every learning style
  • Bonus printouts, goodies and meditations
  • Village Wisdom: The collaborative collection of parenting wisdom from dozens of contributors

Together we’ll look at how we can:

  • Stop feeling tired or overwhelmed,
  • Get past our triggers and stop losing our cool,
  • Never need to punish them again,
  • Have fun, laugh, and actually enjoy one another!

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Organic Wisdom :: What You’re Willing to Give?

Every Friday I try to share some of the quotes I post on Twitter and Facebook, with some of my expanded thoughts and feelings on it here.

“Organic Wisdom” is what I have found speaking to me in those quiet moments, that guides me and that echoes Truth in my life. Please feel free to download, or share this image in any way you’d like.

You want to give love and compassion and energy to everyone.

You want to give of your time, your patience, your creativity, your support, your empathy.

You want to be that woman who seems to have the endless well of generosity in her backyard, who never grows tired of giving selflessly, who never feels like she wants to kick a puppy or rip her partner a new one or shake her children.

You want to be the woman who cleans her home with joy (instead of with a grudge) and cuddles with her kids each night (instead of just wanting to run away from them) and empathizes with their mistakes (instead of losing her cool again).

Here’s what you get to know about that woman, the one who really does move from love and compassion and patience all the time:

  • She takes a shitload of deep breaths every day.
  • She’s totally ready to let go of what doesn’t matter so much (like clean toilets or matching socks) for what does (like a game with her kids or some time to herself)
  • She knows she can only give abundantly to others when she’s allowing herself to receive.
  • She knows that others have the need to give and to refuse robs them of their joy.
  • And she knows that she won’t receive what she needs if she’s moving from fear that she must snatch it up, protect it viciously and not be willing to allow it to flow back out again.

Our ability to give is one side of a circle. Our ability to receive is the other. And they feed each other.

Our job is to open ourselves to that flow, to allow support and care to come to us in its many forms and allow it to flow back out again how it’s needed.

No holding on out of fear we’ll never get it again.

No resisting out of fear it’s selfish.

Just keeping the flow of compassion and generosity moving in and out of our lives so that it can continue to touch the lives of those we love.

The Real Truth About Givers and Takers

Gratitude reminder fro my Yogi tea

We tend to exalt the Givers in our world and trash the Takers. You know what I’m talking about: we call them generous or selfish, kind or rude without ever looking at the Truth of most of them.

Wondering what that truth is?

Truth #1:

  • Most Givers give and give and give until they are depleted and exhausted and in pain.
  • Most Takers take and take and take until they deplete and exhaust and cause pain to others.

Truth #2:

  • Most Givers, being in this place of depletion, exhaustion and pain, refuse to receive the gifts of others.
  • Most Takers, seeing others in this place of depletion, exhaustion and pain, refuse to give their gifts to others.

Truth #3:

  • A Giver’s refusal to receive comes from a place of unworthiness – I’m not good enough to receive. So they keep giving to fill a void they feel within themselves until they are so depleted they have nothing left to give.
  • A Taker’s refusal to give comes from a place of unworthiness – I have nothing of real value to offer. So they keep taking to fill a void they feel within themselves until those around them have nothing left to give.

The Real Truth

It all boils down to this, the Real Truth, the one to read over and over again, the one to absorb and think on and embrace:

Both are doing the same thing.

Both givers and takers are creating an environment of lack, pain, fear, unworthiness, conflict and discord. Both are depleting someone. Both are robbing from others, either of what they give or the experience of giving. Both are being inauthentic to themselves and others.

Both are really just reacting to their own pain.

Neither are Digging Deep into the experience; they are merely skimming the superficial with their repeated actions.

Here’s my point: “Giving” and “taking” aren’t even part of the equation when you understand the Truth and value of our connections.

That’s when our experience with it transforms into the flow of creating value in one another’s lives, and our own.

Are you “giving and taking” or creating value?

Serving vs. Being a Servant {Which one are you?}

My Heart Is Hers

In your relationship with your children…

Your relationship with your partner…

Even your work or contribution to the world

In your life, are you serving or are you being a servant?

There is a very distinct difference between the two.

The Servant

Picture the classical version of a servant; a person in servitude to another, who does their calling or bidding.

There may be little to no boundaries and she has little to no say in the demands made upon her. Her needs aren’t important, or as important, as the person or people she serves.

She is lower than, less than, beneath others. Her servitude is out of obligation: it’s a duty or a chore or a job, something that must be done.

The modern-day servant looks a lot like this:

You give to your loved ones, or even acquaintances, out of duty. You often feel less important than or diminished or blocked by those in your life. You also feel tired, drained, and dull. Your actions breed resentment and anger in your life, and you find yourself playing the victim role of “others don’t care about me”, “I’m taken advantage of”, and even “No one will support me in that.”


Now imagine a host; a person who has invited her most revered and beloved guests into her home.

She is honored by their presence and delights in what they bring to the table, their unique contribution to the conversation. She is generous in what she offers them and does so out of Love.

Because they are her cherished guests, she is kind, patient and considerate of them. She offers them what she has learned they most love and earnestly wants to provide for their needs. She takes in account their individual personalities and preferences to create an experience they will enjoy.

She sees everyone, including her, as exceptional and equal in their own right and this is reflected in both her actions toward them and toward herself. Because of this she feels love, has more energy, and isn’t afraid to ask for what she needs.

Behavior and Intention

The describable actions of the servant and the host might be the same:

  • Both may prepare and offer food
  • Both may clean and organize
  • Both may listen and talk
  • Both may support and help
  • Both may be in charge of important and delicate matters

But the intentions behind their actions set them apart.

One is being used. One is making a genuine, generous, loving offer.

Both are making a choice.

In your life, in your family, in your work…what choice do you most often make?

Ask yourself: Am I serving or being a servant?

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What Are You Holding? Space + Vision vs. Limitations.

Hold Me

A lot has happened since I experienced my perspective shift toward receiving.

I’ve experienced such an incredible insurge of insight and experience in the matters of support, creating tribes and the intertwining acts of creating our worlds.

There is no separating these exchanges from Who We Are. We give. We receive. We shine.

Sometimes the exchange feels big – an A-ha moment that rocks your world, the purchase of something that brings beauty into your life, a new commitment or change.

Sometimes it feels pretty small – a tip left for the waiter, a smile to a stranger, a phone call from a friend.

But more and more I’m recognizing one of the greatest gifts to give or receive IS the most simple: Our presence.

Holding Space + Vision With Our Presence

My Visionary Mom team is wrapping up this month and I can undoubtedly say the women I’ve come to love on this team will be a part of my life for some time to come. We’ve laughed and cried, voiced our anger and fears and victories. We’ve shared advice, resources, tools and ideas with each other to help accomplish our dreams.

But it’s come to all of us in the past few days that perhaps the greatest gift we’ve given to each other is not so tangible.

We’ve created and held sacred a wide open space for one another to Be, to dream, to discover and to create.

But even more incredible is what is held within that space:

A vision of “Who You Are”.

This is such a gentle, careful thing. Without expectations or attachments, we just hold in our hearts an image of the other person  – an image of strength, of beauty, of authenticity, of the incredible women we are.

In my darkest hours or deepest and messiest challenges, it was this space and this vision that moved me through.

When I felt I lost my hold on my own light, my own vision, my own strength, I was reminded that they were holding it for me. It never went travels from me, because those around me never let it go.

The Opposite is Also True

The space and image we hold for someone can be freeing and empowering for them….or it can be incredibly limiting.

We can hold an image of someone that is negative: an image of brokenness, of unhappiness, of pain, of being wrong.

Or we can hold an image based on our own expectations, based on what we want or think is best but that does not resonate with the other person.

And that image can shape their beliefs of Who They Are, what they are capable of doing and where they are going.

It can feel just as slight as an affirming image, so much so that we don’t realize we’re doing it.

  • She’s never happy.
  • Oh, he’s just like that. That’s just the way he is.
  • They are always wrapped up in drama.

It doesn’t matter if we feel it’s true. It’s still constricting.

We do this with more than just labels, though; we do it with our expectations, with our limiting beliefs of what is possible and with our fears.

  • I don’t think he’ll follow through.
  • Here we go again….
  • You’re not being practical.
  • But you could be hurt!

In the same way an affirming or positive image never travels far from me, a negative image never travels far either.

Your ideas of Who They Are are always there to be accessed, remembered and absorbed by them.

And the closer you are to that person – a parent or child, a lover, a close friend – or the more vulnerable a place they are in, the more your image of them will have an impact.

What Are You Holding?

In the past few weeks, I’ve have been more consciously holding space and vision for those I know and love or with whom I come in contact.

With my son, whom I tend to worry about. With my husband, whom I tend to help too much. With my mom, my friends, my clients.

Sometimes the shift is incredible: Zeb has felt the freedom I’ve created by holding that space and vision for him and he’s flourishing in it. (Yes. It was only my fear that was holding him back before.)

Sometimes the shift is in my internal processing: I feel freedom, compassion and wisdom in my own course of action when I’m approaching life without these limitations.

But even if the only thing to shift is our own perspectives, we’re still on the right track. Because our perspectives shift everything. 🙂

I’m Holding This For You.

My intention with this blog is to promote my message of Being Organic.

I talk a lot about what that looks like in my own life, but I have no idea of what that will look like in your life.

Some of my Truth – organic learning, organic living, minimalism, authenticity, unconditional compassion, autonomy – will resonate with you. Some of it won’t. And that’s okay.

I don’t need to know Who You Are in order to hold a space and vision for you.

I just need to know one simple truth:

You are wise and wonderful. And you shine best when you remember that.

I’m holding space here for you, a vision of that in you. You are welcome to access that space and that vision anytime you need to remember. 🙂

What are you holding for others?

Does this message resonate with you? If so, I would love for you to share it! You can use one of the social media buttons below…

The Gift of Receiving

I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about creating tribes, about systems of support for who we are and what we’re doing in our lives, about the dynamics of giving and receiving in our encounters with others.

And it all come to total realization today. Really, it all hit me upside the head until it sunk in.

With two emotional days showing all over my face and no makeup, I made a video about one intense, transformational, connect-the-dots kind of days….one of those days where life wraps up all the answers you’ve been seeking (in more areas than one, since its all ultimately connected anyway), ties it up with a nice, magical bow and sets it in your lap.

And I did with it the best I could; I tried to convey what really can’t be conveyed.

This is raw and emotional and messy. And you know what? I don’t care. It’s here and I’m sharing it with you because it wants to be shared.

A message from the passenger’s seat from Tara Wagner on Vimeo.

“Each day offers us the gift of being a special
occasion if we can simply learn that as well as giving,
it is blessed to receive with grace and a grateful heart.”
– Sarah Ban Breathnach

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