I Carry Her Heart With Me

Ten months ago I made a mad rush north to Nashville to visit my great-grandmother, after receiving the news that she may only have days or hours left. She was turning 99, and I was honored and heartbroken to hold her hand and tell her I love her. I was also overwhelmed and joyful that she didn’t pass away. In fact, she seemed to have the life breathed into her with all of her family surrounding her. Continue reading “I Carry Her Heart With Me”

Nashville Highlights

Our lives are so full of playing and visiting and new ventures. I’ve hit such a groove of writing and creating that I’m finding it hard to post about it all. I want to keep a record of our adventures, but I certainly don’t want to bore anyone! I’m going to try a few highlight posts and see how they feel.

We were in Nashville for several weeks. We parked Benny in my aunt’s backyard, but mostly lived in her house. We made communal meals, Zeb turned her den into his personal man-cave and we worked. Mostly we decompressed. We were so comfortable and relaxed with her and my soon-to-be uncle and I loved being able to spread out in her kitchen – oh counter space, how I miss you. It was just what we needed.

We met some long-time internet acquaintances, visited their farm, hooped with their family and ate their yummy food. It’s so amazing to finally put faces to the names of people we’ve talked to for several years. It’s great to share our similarities and passions with such honest, authentic, hard-working people as these.

Homestead Sunset

Hoop Toss

Hoop Dad


My mom and step-dad came to visit! They didn’t have much time and it was tough to say goodbye so soon. We played at the water park and Zeb and his Grandpa had a couple Waffle House outings alone. We went to breakfast and Nashville’s Parthenon with my mom. It was such a good, slow, easy weekend. I’m not sure we’ll see them again until Christmas. 🙁

Family for the 4th

Cracker Barrel

We took Zeb to Nashville’s zoo. It was a giant place and it was great to see animals with habitats, rather than just exhibits. Justin loved staring at those giraffes and Zeb adored the elephants. I wasn’t feeling my best physically that day and had a hard time keeping up or enjoying myself. Feeling like I was spoiling the fun was part of my motivation to start seeking some radical alternatives to my health.

Red Eye


Long Neck

Having all that time to sit and Be really gave me space to give attention and words to my physical struggle and find not only acceptance, but also the courage to seek physical therapy. I started Egoscue therapy at the Nashville clinic and finally feel as though I have the tools to recover.

But most importantly, we spent time with our Granny. She’ll be 96 in October and she’s lived an amazing and full life. I had the honor and the privilege to film full five hours of her talking about her experiences, the children she’s outlived, her childhood of poverty, the Depression and so much more. I can’t wait to start editing and sharing them with everyone.

Old Photos

Mom and Granny

Granny Mom Me and Zeb

Granny and Zeb

Tara Filming

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