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I Carry Her Heart With Me

Ten months ago I made a mad rush north to Nashville to visit my great-grandmother, after receiving the news that she may only have days or hours left. She was turning 99, and I was honored and heartbroken to hold her hand and tell her I love her. I was also overwhelmed and joyful that she didn’t pass away. In fact, she seemed to have the life breathed into her with all of her family surrounding her. Two weeks ago I went north to Nashville to teach oil classes and sneak in some time with my aunt and my Granny again. I walked into her room, tried my best to wake her, and finally admitted that after nearly 100 years of living, she’s allowed to sleep through visitors. So, I anointed her hands with rose oil, curled up next to her, and I whispered that I loved her. She raised…

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Nashville Highlights

Our lives are so full of playing and visiting and new ventures. I’ve hit such a groove of writing and creating that I’m finding it hard to post about it all. I want to keep a record of our adventures, but I certainly don’t want to bore anyone! I’m going to try a few highlight posts and see how they feel. We were in Nashville for several weeks. We parked Benny in my aunt’s backyard, but mostly lived in her house. We made communal meals, Zeb turned her den into his personal man-cave and we worked. Mostly we decompressed. We were so comfortable and relaxed with her and my soon-to-be uncle and I loved being able to spread out in her kitchen – oh counter space, how I miss you. It was just what we needed. We met some long-time internet acquaintances, visited their farm, hooped with their family and…

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