When Your Good Life Makes Others Feel Guilty

I’ve been seeing a lot of those posts on Facebook, where a person apologizes for loving their life too loudly, and reassures everyone that it’s not actually perfect. They explain that they tend to focus on the good for their own benefit, but then they might rattle off all the things that suck to assure others that they are not trying to make anyone feel guilty. Continue reading “When Your Good Life Makes Others Feel Guilty”

All I Want To Do Is Be With Him

Love this man.

It’s not like I DON’T have work to do. Oh, I do. I’m starting on turning the Mastermind into my business handbook, and have some new systems to figure out and put in place, and about 986593298739237 blog posts replaying themselves in my head.

But the only thing I find myself fully showing up for right now is emails and clients.

And my husband.

Zeb’s only been gone about 5 days.

And this isn’t his first trip without us.

But something feels different. Like we’re two kids in love again. Exploring the world together. Exploring each other.

We know Zeb is in good hands and having a blast. We’re not worried about him like we were last time.

I guess that’s what feels different, why we’re able to relax and breathe and enjoy one another so much more than last time Zeb traveled without us.

We’re not worried, so all that’s left is love.

Love to Zeb when we talk to him about his adventures and plans. Love for each other, to just be together in peacefulness.

There’s a bit of guilt there, for both of us.

Shouldn’t we worry more?
Shouldn’t we miss him more?
Shouldn’t we be miserable without him here?

But he’s having a blast. So we’re free to have a blast, too.

It’s like that phase of our relationship we didn’t get to experience. Just the two of us. And in the quiet space, the stillness, the intimacy…we’re remembering what it’s like (discovering what it’s like?) to just be together.

So I’m getting nothing done. Er, well…I’m not getting any work done I should say. 😉

Instead we’re just being together. Shopping together. Watching movies. Cooking together. Walking the dog. Going to the beach. Reading together. And lots of making love.

All we make is love.