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My Belly Feels Empty, But My Heart is Full

We’re officially one week into our elimination diet and the biggest challenge is probably boredom. With so few foods and flavors to choose from it’s annoying more than anything else. I’ve also struggled with hypoglycemia and woke up yesterday with too low blood sugar, almost passing out and taking several hours to recover. Not good. So I’m adding in salmon on intuition and am feeling better now. (Justin is going to continue going without for awhile longer.) We have had so many questions on the elimination diet and how to do it and I think it can pretty much all be boiled down to this: Listen to your body. Trust it. Every body is different, and each individual’s needs will vary throughout their life too. Food dogma is bullshit. Intuition is king. We chose this elimination diet on intuition. We choose to follow it how our intuition guides us. And…

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On Our Way South and Dancing Rabbit

Working our way from Madison to Dallas took some time. We stopped at six places along the way (two of them overnights in the middle of somewhere), meeting new friends, scoping out new towns and trying not to feel rushed (which we still felt). Our first stop after Madison was Wisconsin Dells, home of America’s Largest Water Park. We spent our honeymoon amusement park hopping; it seemed only fitting that we celebrated 10 years together with water park hopping. It wasn’t a perfect two days: Zeb crashed on his bike, my dreads gave me whiplash, we got all turned around on an incredibly long bike ride to and from the park and it was pretty darn cold. But it was still an amazing two days! After the Dells, we left Wisconsin behind and headed into Iowa where we stopped to meet two new fiends, Niki and Toast in Decorah. They…

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