Answering The Fear of “Who The Hell Am I To Think I Can…?” (Video)

I made this video a couple months ago (back when I still had hair), in answer to a client.

She was working on overcoming fear and self-doubt and building a sustainable online business (because those two go hand-in-hand, in case you’re wondering) and she was asking herself, “Who am I?”

“Who am I to think I can do this? To think I have anything of value to offer the world? To think that I can make a difference in this? To think I even have the ability?”

It’s a pretty pervasive fear, one I got to move through myself.

What I talk about in this video was the realizations that I came to, and that I hope you’ll come to also.

Because the question isn’t “Who do I think I am to…”

It’s “Who do I think I am to NOT?”

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It really only takes one person to change the world. Are you going to let that person be you?