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Part Three: On the Experience of Shaving My Head and Being Free (Before, During and After Photos and Video!)

I’ve sat here looking at a blank screen grasping at inadequate words to describe the shaving of my head for way too long. Incredible? Weak. Empowering? Still weak. Enlightening? Closer. Let me start by backing up a little to the beginning of my weekend. We’ll see where it goes from there. The Start of One Incredible, Life-Changing Weekend Tiffani, my badass freeplaylife photographer, arrived in Orlando on Friday evening. Now let me just say something about Tiffani. She’s flipping amazing. Colorful. Playful. Daring. Vibrant. Envelope-pushing. But she also has this deeply sensitive side that you only get to see in her photos or videos or in long conversations about Life. So I knew she was the perfect person to help me commemorate this powerful step. Because she totally “got it”. ♥ We had an amazing weekend that I know I’ll be talking more about later. But the photos! Oh wow,…

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“Just Keep Moving”? No Thanks.

Sunset Cruiser print on RedBubble “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ― Albert Einstein There are so many quotes by Einstein that I lovelovelove. But when I read this one, I kinda went…ick. Not to say it isn’t sometimes true. Sometimes Life gives us the opportunity to choose to just keep moving. Take a deep breath and the next step. But too many times in my life I’ve applied the “just keep moving” mantra of conventional wisdom and found I was going alright…in the wrong direction. Or worse, the same direction I’d been headed when I’d gotten myself into the situation that required me to “just keep moving”. But I choose not to live a life in which my best option is to just move through it. I want to live a life in which I can jump off that damn bicycle…

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Organic Wisdom: Understanding Through Compassion

True understanding is found through compassion. – my Yogi teabag For some godawful reason, Northern Michigan has confused August with a season to get cold. Coming from Nevada, it makes no sense to my body to wake up shivering, but I do love any excuse to make hot tea in the morning. There’s just something about it, the routine maybe…filling the teapot, lighting the stove, warming my hands by the flame and then with my hot mug. Sipping until it’s cool enough to drink. Slowing down. Not jumping into my day. I also love my Yogi tea nuggets of wisdom, just a tiny phrase to meditate on while I roll my hot mug between my cold hands. This morning’s wisdom was the one above. Compassion. It’s been a word on my tongue a lot lately. Compassion. And how often it’s lacking in our words, our thoughts (judgments), our reactions (especially…

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