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Justin and Kim

Life is a Really Strange Beast. Death is Even Stranger.

My sweet man lost his mother last week, and in the worst way possible. 2000 miles away, he had to make the call to take her off life support. Because death doesn’t just slap you; when it gets the chance, it goes for the sucker punch. It’s strange to watch someone go through something you’ve gone through. I keep remembering the Grief Bubble I walked in after my dad passed, as if I was insulated from reality. The world was there and I could hear it, but as if through glass or water. I remember how odd it was that life kept going when I was certain part of the universe had just disappeared. I remember how unfathomable it was to my mind that he could suddenly not be “here”, as if space itself could just disappear. That’s what it’s like to lose someone who brought you into existence. Unfathomable….

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Capturing (and thus Losing) the Moment

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What Are You Holding? Space + Vision vs. Limitations.

A lot has happened since I experienced my perspective shift toward receiving. I’ve experienced such an incredible insurge of insight and experience in the matters of support, creating tribes and the intertwining acts of creating our worlds. There is no separating these exchanges from Who We Are. We give. We receive. We shine. Sometimes the exchange feels big – an A-ha moment that rocks your world, the purchase of something that brings beauty into your life, a new commitment or change. Sometimes it feels pretty small – a tip left for the waiter, a smile to a stranger, a phone call from a friend. But more and more I’m recognizing one of the greatest gifts to give or receive IS the most simple: Our presence. Holding Space + Vision With Our Presence My Visionary Mom team is wrapping up this month and I can undoubtedly say the women I’ve come…

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