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His first day!!

4 Weeks In: The Public School Update

When I was pregnant with Zeb I had several Wise Women approach me…you know the kind that just seem to have a spark of knowing something? Women from my mom’s church, my mom’s best friend on her death bed, strangers in the grocery store…they would tell me I was having a boy, they would say there was something this child was in this world to do, they would tell me that he was here to make a difference. And each time they would talk I’d have this image of a man, a leader, but without details of what that would mean or what he might be doing. Earlier this year Zeb excitedly came to me with, “Mom, I finally know what I want to do when I grow up.” Because you know, this was something that had been weighing heavily on him. When I asked what that is, he replied:…

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Inspiration Monday – The (Official) Birth of a Family

It’s been a busy few weeks. Two spent in Southern California, visiting, meeting, working, creating and exploring. And then we headed back to Nevada for a very special court date. Yes! It’s official! Justin and Zeb’s adoption has been finalized! It feels good to call official what we’ve known for almost a decade. It also felt really amazing to see my 11 year old bouncing up and down in his seat with The.Biggest.Grin on his face as the judge announced it so. Now we’re hanging in town for another week, wrapping up our loose ends and hanging out deep in my Creative Cave while I iron out the last of my new e-book. After that? We’re cruising up the West Coast and anxiously awaiting Northern California. I’m going to be editing photos for ages…you know, if I ever get started. In the meantime, here’s some inspiration I’ve been swimming in:…

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The Uproar Over Unschooling

In case you didn’t know, our family are unschoolers. And in case you’ve been out of the media loop (lucky you), there has been quite an uproar over unschooling in the media the past few days. It begin when a wonderful unschooling family was very poorly portrayed (through biased editing, condescension and lack of time) on a Good Morning America segment Monday morning. Such a backlash was received (from both the unschooling community over the obvious bias and the community at large over the perceived “hands-off” approach) that GMA invited the family back the next day for a mere 6 minutes of explanation. Too little, too late on GMA’s part. The damage had been done Monday morning and the media and public are steaming over something they have barely bothered to understand. (Some examples of both sides of the reactions here and here and here and here and here and…

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Blame The Schools, Not The Gardens

I just finished reading the Atlantic article, Cultivating Failure, and I’m torn between scathing disappointment and downright outrage at the comments and beliefs stated by the author. I’m going to attempt to offer my cynical, sarcastic remarks in a somewhat coherent, calm manner, but no promises. The entire article is about how school gardens are cheating students out of an education. I kid you not. It begins with the example of an immigrant laborer who’s offspring is forced into what is at one point referred to as “child labor”. But you can’t have a ludicrous comment like that without an equally ludicrous conclusion: Why not make them build the buses that will take them to and from school, or rotate in shifts through the boiler room? Ironically, no mention is made to the fact that schools force children into compulsory schooling that may or may not hold any bearing on…

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Warning: Cynicism Ahead

What have we done to ourselves? It has dawned on me, as I sat reading the side of the cracker box, just how inorganic our lives have become. The incessant belief that what is not natural is best has not failed to astound me. We have disconnected ourselves from nature, from life, from love and then wonder indignantly why it bites at us whenever we reach our hand to it. We have become strangers to our own innate attributes. We have arrogantly assumed we know better than our native instincts; instincts we now cannot even hear over the blast of commercialism or blaring demands of conformity. And it’s all around us. Our food touts labels such as “Made with real juice” or “Preservative Free” as if that’s some type of novelty to make us “Ooh” and “Aah”. Or my personal favorite, “Tastes Like Real Cheese” while we slowly forget what…

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