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I Carry Her Heart With Me

Ten months ago I made a mad rush north to Nashville to visit my great-grandmother, after receiving the news that she may only have days or hours left. She was turning 99, and I was honored and heartbroken to hold her hand and tell her I love her. I was also overwhelmed and joyful that she didn’t pass away. In fact, she seemed to have the life breathed into her with all of her family surrounding her. Two weeks ago I went north to Nashville to teach oil classes and sneak in some time with my aunt and my Granny again. I walked into her room, tried my best to wake her, and finally admitted that after nearly 100 years of living, she’s allowed to sleep through visitors. So, I anointed her hands with rose oil, curled up next to her, and I whispered that I loved her. She raised…

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From Loneliness to Love-Fest: My Story of Finding Friendship in an Unexpected Way

Did you know, up until not long ago, I used to sulk in my hubby’s shoulders and ache? I ached for a connection I never had, but had seen glimpses of. I ached for that deep and unmistakeable connection you feel with another woman, a girlfriend, a best friend. I haven’t had a friend like that since I was 18 or so. I had my sister and we were thisclose, and it was strong. But as I shifted and changed, so did our relationship for many years. And I ached. I mean ached…literal heart-aching for a woman I could call and cry with and laugh with and grow with. My mama had that. Her bosom buddy, Melodie, was also like our godmother. She was confident and hilarious and warm and authentic. And I watched them, my mom and Mel, as they sewed together and laughed together and raised children together…

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Real Women and the Lies We Live (Video)

I almost didn’t share this video. I had made it quickly because it started pouring out of me and my audio and video wouldn’t sync. But that’s not why I almost didn’t share it. I almost didn’t share it because my entire life I’ve been shamed for my body type, taught to feel less than other women or self-conscious or care too deeply about what others thought of my body. Taught to be wary of going to the bathroom too soon after I ate because someone would derisively accuse me of being bulemic. Taught to wear nothing above the knees out of fear that someone would comment on my thin legs. So after this video came pouring out of me, I began to waver. “Maybe I shouldn’t.” “Maybe I’ll offend someone.” “Who am I to talk about body image?” It took a sweet woman speaking up a couple days ago…

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