A Mother’s Gift For You :: Filling Your Cup Meditation and Workbook (And It’s FREE!)

Dear, sweet, beautiful woman…

Let me tell you a little story…

Several weeks ago I had a little bird in my ear telling me I needed to do something for Mother’s Day to share here. It, of course, didn’t give me any hints and just left me hanging for awhile. So I made a little note on my To do list and just wondered each time I saw it, with a bit of trepidation in my heart because really…do I need any more projects?

But I leaned into Trust that what needed to come forth would come and would do so at just the right time.

Well then Monday rolled around and Justin and I went on a nature walk and came to the end of a path and sat on the makeshift log-bench and watched the scenery while the dog ran around and I verbalized all my thoughts. I had thought of launching the parenting e-course or another paid product but I knew enough people would be talking about things you could buy yourself for Mother’s Day and I heard a little pang of “No, yours needs to be a gift.”

I thought to myself, “These are the women who give all the time. I want to give them the gift of receiving. I want to fill their cups.

And as he and I spoke together the words just came out, “I think I’m going to create a little mini-meditation.”

A little bit of wisdom, a little bit of love, a little bit of breathing room is what I really want to offer you.

Later that day I sat down with my journal and allowed myself to process around what needed to come through me, who it was for, what it would say, what it would be called and got a very clear directive, “Don’t think about the words and the details now. Just sit down to record, and hold in the heart the women you most want to speak to, then speak.”

So I did just that. I climbed in the back of my sound studio (the backseat of the truck), closed my eyes, started the music in my ears and brought to my heart my mama and my tribe of sister-friends and you out there.

And then I spoke the words that needed saying. 

It’s not perfect. It’s not earth-shattering, except maybe for a few women who will receive it. The mini-workbook even has typos that I have no intentions of fixing.

But it’s filled with love. A gift from my heart and my wisdom straight to you.

Filling Your Cup :: A Mini-Retreat to Rest Your Tired Body, Nurture Your Depleted Heart, and Replenish Your Spiritual Cup

It includes…

:: A 24 minute meditation to allow you to rest, breathe, absorb and tap into what fills your spiritual cup
:: (Don’t have 24 minutes? The first 7 min were serendipitously created to standalone as a micro-mini retreat, a moment to catch your breath and stop wearing your shoulders like earrings.)
:: And a workbook filled with wisdom, affirmations, prompts and ideas to help you keep your cup full all year long.

And best of all?

It’s FREE.

Yes, free. A gift for you to receive.

No catch. No strings. Just something to open your heart to…

A moment of stillness. A pocket of peace. The knowledge and a few tools to feel vibrant and energetic.

The knowledge that you are enough.

That you deserve it.

Want to get yours?

Right click to download the
Filling Your Cup Mini Retreat toolkit.

P.S. It’s not just for mamas. It’s for all woman who give so much to the world around them and would like a little more practice receiving.

P.P.S. If you want to upload the MP3 to your iPhone you can do so by opening it in iTunes, right-clicking and converting to AAC version, then syncing that version!

P.P.P.S. Do you know another incredible woman with an incredible heart who could use some soulful cup-filling of her own? Please please please share this using the buttons below!

Parenting is hard. Damn hard at times.

And we can stand to share and learn all the tools possible to guide and nurture our children (without losing our minds) as we can get our hands on.

But if those tools are based on power-over or carrot-and-stick, we’re just teaching our children the things they’ll need to unlearn later in life to be intrinsically motivated and able to form healthy relationships.

This is why I hope you’ll check out the Organic Parenting course.
The Organic Parenting Package

It includes:

  • Six core modules, as well as two bonus modules
  • Audio, video, transcripts, and workbooks for every learning style
  • Bonus printouts, goodies and meditations
  • Village Wisdom: The collaborative collection of parenting wisdom from dozens of contributors

Together we’ll look at how we can:

  • Stop feeling tired or overwhelmed,
  • Get past our triggers and stop losing our cool,
  • Never need to punish them again,
  • Have fun, laugh, and actually enjoy one another!

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I can add Headline Speaker to my resume. Just sayin.

This is one of those posts where I do a little *happydance* and celebrate how I totally rocked my first speaking gig.

I was pretty over the moon just to have an Events page. (I have an Events page!) But to actually BE AT the event! Well, that actually made me a little nauseous.

The event was the Mindful Spirit Expo in Jackson, MS this past weekend and I had not one but TWO talks AND a booth!

Justin was also there, as one half of Oddball Juggling, teaching adults (and a few kids) the benefits of juggling (like using it as a meditation, a healthy outlet for emotions, a preventative tool for neurological disorders) and how to juggle.

We shared a booth, which meant he drew a lot of people to us, what with his balls flying through the air.

I have a booth! And I rocked my talk too! And I've met the most incredible soulful people! <3

Justin in his element inspiring juggling at the expo

And then I SPOKE! I actually got up in front of a crowd and poured my heart and soul out. I talked about my Digging Deep process the first day, and then about Organic Parenting the second.

I had so many nerves beforehand that I literally wanted to run away.

Yes, you may see me as happy and confident but that’s only after a fair deal of internal work to release the old stories that run through my head.

(They tend to say things like “WTF!” and “This was a bad idea” and “You’re going to the Bible belt to talk at a mind-body-spirit expo?! You’re going to be lynched!” That last one was calmed when I realized I was one of the least “woo-woo” there – still woo-woo mind you, but the least. 😉 )

The last time I was on stage was hula hooping almost two years ago and even that was nerve-wracking for me. Leading up to this event, all I could think about was how nervous I get in front of crowds. Hula hooping in front of a group of awesome families sounds so easy and it still tore me up.

This was freaking me out.

But there is a big difference between almost two years ago and now. Now I have tools to qualm those old stories and move me back into that confidence and excitement. So I used them:

  • Plenty of Digging Deep on those stories, of course
  • EFT to help release the nerves
  • Connecting with my own coach for a reminder session (As in a reminder of what is true)
  • Stillness, meditation (mine and Jenn’s new one*), surrender, Trust, prayer
  • Music – Oddly enough this Gotye song was the only one my head wanted to hear, so I popped in my earphones and danced through the lobby until it was time to speak. Yes, I did.

And then I stood up, took a deep breath, closed my eyes and let myself speak on the topics that have changed my life, the tools I’ve found and created to heal my spirit and my family, the realness and the rawness of Life and all we get to do in it.

And I freaking rocked it.

And it felt amazing.

There is something magnificently edifying about speaking your Truth, despite the slight knock in your knees. To tell yourself more than anyone else that you’re ready to just spill it, no holding back, no worries of how it will be received.

Something simple and wonderful about knowing that you don’t need to reach the world, don’t need to convince anyone, don’t need to speak to anyone except those you’re here to speak to, those you’re here to connect with, those who are here to connect with you.

Experiences like this rewrite things in your heart, rewrite them with messages that have no words, with understanding that is beyond what I could summarize.

But it’s something about the courage of a lion, the power of vulnerability, the audacity of self-approval, the celebration of Life.

And it is good.

What about you: How have you confronted your fear of putting yourself “out there”?

*Heck yeah it’s an affiliate link!

47 Ways to Love Yourself Better

freeplaylife photography

We give and we love and we ask for love in return.

We wait and we hurt when the people around us don’t show up…or only show us their messy side.

And we forget.

We forget that we can give to ourselves. That we can shower ourselves with love. That we can fill ourselves up.

We forget that we need to. That others need to see us valuing ourselves. That others learn how to value us by how WE value us. That no one can love us when we feel unlovable.

My mama posted something on Facebook last week that brought tears to my eyes…

“When I was single for YEARS, I used to buy myself flowers on Valentines Day. Just because I hadn’t found my knight in shining armor yet, didn’t mean I was any less of a princess….

There’s a whole lot more to life than just being in a relationship with another person. Be in a relationship with your own LIFE. There are lots of ways to love. Spread some around….”

THIS is it! Be in a relationship with LIFE!

And dammit, let’s all starting being in a loving, committed, generous relationship with OURSELVES!

Be in a relationship with your passion, your voice, your style, your purpose, your curiosity, your kindness, your self-discovery, your growth, your experiences.

Let’s shower ourselves with the things we need, the things that light us up, so that we can SHINE and THRIVE!

Let’s spread THAT around!

Clients ask me how to love themselves better all the time. And so with my mama’s inspiration I’m sharing some of the ways to love yourself better…

This is just SOME ideas. Use it to inspire you to find YOUR way.

47+ Ways To Love Yourself Better

  1. Examine the feeling of not being good enough and the reasons you struggle to love yourself and replace them with a sense of wonder and ease.
  2. Create a long list of all the things you do well and read it to yourself often.
  3. Say only nice things about your body and the amazing things it enables you to experience in your life.
  4. Lift your head up as you walk – and SMILE as you go!
  5. Listen to music with a positive message of life and love (try Blessed by Brett Dennen)
  6. Hire a photographer to take amazing photos of yourself to see your beauty as others see it.
  7. Make a list of all the things you’re grateful for about Who You Are.
  8. Every night before bed tell yourself and your body how much you appreciate it.
  9. Stand naked in front of the mirror and make peace with the physical body that houses Who You Really Are.
  10. List 7 reasons why your hardest challenges or worst mistakes or most unloved qualities have been a beautiful thing for you.
  11. Then ask yourself for forgiveness for not seeing it all earlier.
  12. Tell others what you love about you.
  13. STOP doing exercise that doesn’t make you smile or laugh! Go roller skating or dancing or trampolining instead!
  14. Chew your food slowly, savor each flavor and focus on the nourishment you’re offering yourself.
  15. Take everything out of your closet and only put back in the things that make you FEEL amazing when you wear them!
  16. Allow yourself time to “do nothing”.
  17. Give yourself time to understand that all these ways to love yourself need to be done with passion and authentic intention, and not just something you tick off a list.
  18. Stop making excuses for what you love and just LOVE IT OUT LOUD dammit!
  19. If you’re not feeling “good” when someone asks how you are, give yourself permission to be authentic and tell the truth (and maybe ask for some support).
  20. Spend lots of time in meditation or prayer or stillness.
  21. Light candles, put on sexy music and make love to your own body.
  22. Eat when you’re hungry. Rest when you’re tired. Tell the world your needs matter by making them a priority over the dishes or the laundry.
  23. Surround yourself with tribes of amazing women who will remind you of Who You Are when you forget about the ways to love yourself.
  24. Throw your head back and laugh out loud!
  25. Two words: Body. Paint. (Bonus points if you share the photos.)
  26. You know that one thing that looks so cool but you’ve been rattling off excuses why you can’t try it? Go do it.
  27. Join a daily or weekly self-portrait challenge and see yourself in a new light.
  28. Understand how it is you learned to not love yourself so you can break the habit for good.
  29. Give yourself permission to sob when your heart is hurting.
  30. Write down 5 ways to love yourself each morning before you even start your day.
  31. Celebrate your scars and stretch marks.
  32. Commit to only using positive words to describe yourself…instead of “I don’t know how” say “I’ve yet to learn that”. “I screwed that up” becomes “I learned some really good things here.” I’m serious, try it.
  33. Replace “have to” with “get to” and begin to see that life is always an opportunity for you to show off your prowess.
  34. Find the one hairstyle that allows your inner self to glow and rock it – no matter how wild it is!
  35. Create a list of people you deeply admire and why. Then remember that you can only admire in others what your heart calls it’s own Truth. Stand in that Truth and be what you admire.
  36. Stop calling yourself “lazy” or “stupid” and replace it with a compassionate description of Who You Are
  37. Buy or gather your favorite flowers, and write yourself a love note to go with it.
  38. Make yourself a yummy meal or take yourself out to dinner to eat in the peaceful company of YOU.
  39. Choose to be in a relationship with your life and experiences.
  40. Give love to others, not because of who they are, but because of Who You Are.
  41. Schedule your own spa day and pamper yourself. Include the kids! Or the partner! Or your best girlfriends!
  42. Learn to listen to and trust your intuition.
  43. Practice Nonviolent Communication with yourself.
  44. Go get a chair massage at the mall.
  45. Let your toes loose and go outside (or even to the store) barefoot and free.
  46. Replace one food that makes you feel bad with one yummy food that makes you feel great.
  47. Give yourself permission to say no to the things that make you unhappy and yes to the things you’d rather do instead.
  48. Share a photo of your imperfect booty with the world.
  49. Make one small space in your home a reflection of Who You Are – ditch what you don’t love or use often, paint the walls, bring in a comfy place to sit, light your candles, pile up your journal, books and art supplies, listen to inspiring music and dwell there often.
  50. Write yourself a love letter. And frame that bad boy. Look at it anytime you need to remember how beautiful you are.

Because, sweetheart, you’re worth all that and more.

5 Reasons To Share A Photo of Your Ass With The World

  1. Tiffani from freeplaylife challenged women everywhere to do it. And really that should be enough said, but in case you’re still unsure…
  2. It freaks out your conservative side…If you think there is ANYTHING inappropriate about sharing a photo of a women’s body I encourage you to think again. (And what’s the difference between your undies and your bathing suit?)
  3. You’re worried what others will think…I’ve spent too much time there. And I realized that I could be authentic with everyone about Who I Am and what I believe, or not really be authentic at all.
  4. You’re rattling off all the reasons you think your ass isn’t “good enough” to share…I see your self-depreciation and raise you a scar, and stretch marks. Self-love means loving all of you. Start practicing.
  5. You’re a male and think you can’t join…Meet my husband. His motto: “Asses that play together, stay together.”

I wasn’t planning on joining in. Until I heard all the women who thought they couldn’t or shouldn’t. And nothing sparks my interest like challenging the Shoulds and Cants.

I have a four inch scar across my hip and stretch marks covering the span. I also have long toes, a bald spot on my head, knobby knees, adult braces, an uneven ribcage, protruding shoulder blades and another 18 inch scar down my spine.

Inspired by my favorite line in Fried Green Tomatoes…

And I don’t give a good goddamm!

I choose to love myself BECAUSE of these things.

It doesn’t matter if you think your ass is too wide, or too dimply, or too whatever else your self-doubt and downright rudeness has to say about your incredible body.

It’s not about having a “nice ass”…it’s about challenging our ideas of what nice means.

It’s about telling the media portrayal of “nice” that WE LOVE OUR BODIES just the way they are, for the incredible, wonderful, miraculous things they can do FOR US, not for the male fantasy.

Don’t take a photo of your ass to share with Tiffani. Take a photo to CHALLENGE yourself.

Challenge yourself to love all of you so much that you’ll share it with others. Challenge what you say you believe, but don’t live out loud. Challenge the fears of others while you’re at it.

Because like Christine pointed out, it’s all about the NamASSte. Seeing the beautiful and divine in each of us…including ourselves.


Your Kids Don’t Owe You Jack (Or: Sometimes Life Hands You The Hard Lesson)

Talk to the hand

It was Mother’s Day morning and I woke with high hopes. After all, I’m a mama and I give a lot. This was “my day”.

Except it wasn’t. You see, it’s easy for us since we travel full-time to lose track of the day and my husband and son didn’t even remember that is was Mother’s Day.

I was sent into a tailspin of emotions and painful thoughts. “How could they forget?” “How dare they forget?” “I’m not important to anyone.” “I’m just the doormat.” “I’m that forgettable.” “Well, screw them both.”

Pain, suffering, anger, resentment, hurt…it all started pouring out.

Not because any of it was real. But because Life was giving me the opportunity to DIG IN and discover where I held these feelings and ideas that were causing me pain, instead of joy, that were keeping me in misery instead of inspiring me to create.

So I dug in. I allowed myself to open my heart to healing. And in the space I created to release the old stories that were keeping me in anger, resentment and disconnection these are the words that spoke to me…

(P.S. It sounds rougher than it was. It was actually filled with a lot of love and glimmers of freedom.)

Now that I have your attention let’s please make one thing clear…

You chose to have children.

You chose to be a caregiver, to take on the responsibility of providing for your child’s physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Your kids don’t owe you thanks for your own decisions.

They just don’t. They are here to live their lives, growing and learning in a way that makes sense to them.

They aren’t here to meet your needs.

That’s your job.

It’s your job to meet your emotional needs. It’s your job to fill yourself with love. It’s your job to care for your own well-being, give yourself the things you love or want and make sure you are happy.

So, are you?

Are you loving yourself? Are you making your well-being a priority? Are you giving yourself everything you need to be the parent, the partner, the person you want to be?

No one else is responsible for it. Just you.

And here’s the Truth…

When you can honestly answer “Yes” you will start to notice that others treat you with the same care and consideration you treat yourself.

And when you are honest enough to know the answer is “No” you will notice that others treat you with the same care and consideration you treat yourself.

I sat with those words and those questions…was I giving myself love? Was I making myself a priority in my own heart or insisting to others that I come last?

And it hit me: All year long I refused their generosity. I made it out to seem I didn’t care about silly little things like celebrations and gifts. I shut down their very desire to love on me by insisting they shouldn’t. I could even remember times where I insisted that Mother’s Day wasn’t important. And although I had been making peace with those things inside myself that kept me from receiving, they had years of experience with my refusal. Why would they have cause to remember a day I insisted they forgot?

I made peace with my feelings of inadequacy after those words rang through my heart. I made peace with my thoughts and felt peace in my emotions too.

I discovered I am worth celebrating, I am worth showing my family how I want to celebrate my own mamahood. I’m so worthy of it that I can do it for myself.

And in an instant I accessed the freedom and the joy in my heart that was missing.

It was about two instances later that my son walked in, heartbroken that he had forgotten Mother’s Day. If I had been in my anger and resentment I wouldn’t have been able to meet him with compassion. (I probably would’ve seen to it that he felt horrible or forevermore remembered me as a raving bitch.) But I was so deeply in love with my own mamahood and ready to celebrate my own Self, that my arms went around him and I told him it was only my responsibility to make myself happy and that wasn’t his burden. That my love for him ran deeper than that.

We then went on to plan a rockin’ Mother’s Day together. ♥

Hey sweet mama, can I support you?

I know how damn hard it is to fill our own cup when you’re working so hard to fill everyone else’s.

That’s why the start of the Organic Parenting e-course is dedicated to just that – showing you how to consistently, effectively, wonderfully fill your own cup.

So you can shine. Not just as a mama.

But as the vibrant woman you are.

Ask yourself: What’s stopping me from meeting my own needs?