Testimonials For Coaching, Tools & Tribes

I’m honored by the words of the incredible women I’ve worked with. Below are their stories, of where they were and where they are now, of what held them back and what they’ve found and created in their lives since then.


I can’t stress enough how much Tara’s gentle, intuitive guidance has enhanced my world.  I contacted Tara the moment I knew I had hit a wall with my personal growth.  I had been throwing road blocks onto my path for years, and I could not, for the life of me, get to the root of why.

Though I had often scoffed at the idea of paying for guidance and help, I knew without a doubt that it was precisely what I needed to do to understand the reason I could not seem to live to my potential.  By the end of our first session, it was clear that there was an old fear that needed my attention, and during the next six weeks I dug in, faced the fear, and proceeded to heal; gathering a new set of tools along the way.

The value of having a partner in growth, one who is unbiased, insightful, and an intuitive listener, is immeasurable. I’m an independent. DIY all the way. The simple truth is that even those of us who feel like we should be able to handle it all on our own are not without our limits.  In accepting the guidance I needed at the time, I cleared the long barricaded door that, when open, is the portal to my destiny, and I learned that it is not worth it to struggle alone when there are people out there whose calling it is to light the way when our own lights are dim.

The shift I’ve experienced through working one-on-one with Tara for has been life altering.  Whatever you’re willing to put into the process, Tara will meet you there, and the opportunities are as limitless as your courage and determination will allow.  If you’re intuition is telling you that it’s time, move on it, and see what wonderful world is on the other side of old beliefs and patterns that you’re ready to sweep away.

Anna – Anna’s Little Hearth


I came to Tara as I was digging up a couple broken beliefs I was carrying around for a long time. I had 3 options for building my business and went around in circles wondering which option is the best way to build for me?  I was scared to engage again and felt undeserving of support so I didn’t even ask.

After one session with Tara, something inside me clicked. Now the fear regularly melts away as I take baby steps forward, each step lighting the next.  As it turns out, I am now co-hosting an event that incorporates ALL 3 of the options I want to create and I can’t wait to continue growing in my new skin!

Jinnia Low – www.jinnialow.com


I asked Tara to work with me through the transition of starting life on the road with my child. When we started I had many questions about logistics while living in a non static home.

Tara encouraged me to focus on the internal transition. She provided practical suggestions and exercises to move through the transition while staying present and peaceful in each moment. Tara also reminded me of my goals including refocusing my attention on my child when I drifted toward orientating my priorities on logistics.

I am thankful that I found Tara at the right moment in my journey. Her unique experiences and gentle coaching provided exactly what I needed during my transition.

Oliver Miller – On the Road, USA


My consultation with Tara reenergized my creativity. After taking the Organic Business Mastermind and doing some one-on-one coaching with Tara, a few months went by and I hit a point where I was starting to lose confidence in my plan to start a business.

Tara helped me figure my way out of some negative ideas that I had about money. I was caught in the belief that there was not enough money to go around, and I couldn’t put energy into my business because I was so scared that I wasn’t good enough to make it as an entrepreneur. After one session with Tara, I realized that the absolute worst-case scenario of my business failing would still be beautiful as long as I was staying true to my core values of living simply and close to the earth.  Now I feel free to dive back into the creative work of forming my business because I’ve dealt with the possibility that my business could fail and I realized that I would still be okay.

Tatiana Abatemarco – www.mamaphilosopher.com


[taratestimonial]Dear Tara,

I am a mother of 4 and a former elementary school teacher. I am unlearning so much and I am grateful for other mothers who can offer guidance and support as I unschool and relearn joy with my children.

I had to write you today to offer you the biggest heart of gratefulness for all the joy that I have been able to draw to my life since my coaching sessions with you last spring.

Through your one-on-one coaching, and also with the help of the Digging Deep toolbox, I have been able to rewrite my STORY and let go of all the old messages I believing.

Instead of believing that I was unlovable, I now feel love from so many people. Instead of believing that I always do everything wrong, I have learned how to do the right thing FOR ME.

Another big story I used to tell myself was that I didn’t deserve to have anything EASY—that I would always have to work hard and still have nothing to show for my efforts. NOW, I have been able to bring even greater joy and abundance to my life and my family.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I BELIEVE in your message SO MUCH, Tara. And I am so ready to experience even more of the goodness that you offer to women just like me. You are a gift. Your work is a gift. Your life is a gift.

Much love I send to you and yours,
Patti Tinholt – Canadian Unschooler


I’ve found so much inspiration in Tara Wagner! She lead to my realization that I really, really can do *anything* with my life that I choose! Once I realized that, my ideas started flowing faster than I could manage. I have supportive friends and family, but I felt I needed someone who had really lived their own adventure to help me make heads or tails of all my ideas.

One consulting session with Tara helped me weed out the ideas that were not as likely to bring me happiness, narrowing down what was best for myself and my family. She doesn’t tell you what to do, by any means, but she sure helps you figure it out – just like any supportive person close to you would do! She also helped by providing a lot of resources to me that fit what I am trying to do.

She didn’t forget about me, either. She checks in on me from time to time to see how I’m doing on my goals. Thank you Tara! You truly are an inspiration in so very many different ways!

Jorje – Momma Jorje

My main objective was to gain an overview of what mindful, organic parenting means. I’m just in the beginning stages of trying to think through mindful parenting, so talking to Tara was a great jumping off point.

Our conversation regarding mindful parenting really had an impact on me. She gave me some great, concrete examples that really helped me to understand the ideas. I’ve been testing out my new skills and it’s going to make me a better parent. And I thought we were going to talk about my kids, but this shift in perspective could really improve my relationship with my husband too!

I know very few people IRL who would be able to provide this kind of “parental coaching” and would recommend it and choose it again.

Anonymous, mama to 3

Before our calls I was nervous about how things were developing at home. Afterwards I felt more at ease about my personal way of being with my daughter.

I use a diplomatic approach [in parenting] that requires much more patience and Tara was a great support in this. It helped talking to someone that doesn’t use the most common parenting approaches toward children’s behavior.

I recommend her services. I’d do it again and think about doing it every now and then. I value Tara’s opinion.

Marilia – Tripping Mom

Tara is a fantastic unschooling coach! I scheduled my call with her when things were very unsettled, difficult, and scary for me and my son. My main objective was to get a good starting point on unschooling, but I was feeling really hopeless. My son had already asked me when this was going to become fun and I didn’t have an answer for him. Or for myself. I felt alone and confused.

Coming from a standpoint of being a very by-the-books public schooler to doing something so different, I felt I needed a lot of help and Tara offered that. She helped me navigate not only through the direct troubles, but through my feelings with it all as well.

After the call, I felt like I had some good launch points and that my feelings and the experience of unschooling wasn’t isolating. I felt like I had someone that I could lean on for help and encouragement, which throughout the call is what I realized I needed the most. I was accepted and understood and heard and that was priceless during my time of uncertainty.

I would totally recommend this to anyone else who is considering unschooling.

The coaching is a perfect companion to seeking out information through her blog and (six months later) I just haven’t felt alone and as unsure since!

Shannon – www.shannonroot.com


I read Tara’s manifesto last week and was so moved by it, I decided to order Digging Deep as well.

Holy.cow.is.all.I.can.say. I took my time going through it at a pace that seemed right for me. I have to tell you that when I uncovered my first block, I suddenly just had to stop when I was about halfway through the worksheets. My eyes were watering but I wasn’t aware of that at first and I was so tired I literally fell asleep where I was lying. I didn’t sleep much that night though as I thought about what I was uncovering and discovering about beliefs and how it has shaped probably every single encounter I have had in my entire life.

Long story short, an incident that had happened when I was young had made me feel on my core level that I am not to be trusted in this dangerous world.

I can’t even tell you what it is like as I start to free myself from this belief. The biggest issue I was having (and it was really affecting me and my kids I am sure) is that I was resisting playing with my kids and was afraid to take them anywhere (as I can’t be trusted in this dangerous world!).

Wow! Not only has Digging Deep started changing my life but my kids as well. Since completing the workbook, I have signed up for a 5k Warrior Dash (I am not a runner anymore but miss it!) and once a month horse leasing (I don’t know why but I really feel called to be horseback riding!) and I have been taking my kids to the park every night after work and they have been having a blast.

I do not know if I will ever be able to thank you enough, Tara. You truly are an angel.

Sue C.

Digging Deep is one of the best books I’ve laid my hands on, e-book or otherwise. It is going into my toolbox for self excavation and will be carried around with me for quite some time. I can see myself coming back to it again and again.

Within the first few pages I was in tears at what Tara has written. It was as if she was inside my mind and knew what I needed to prepare myself to dig into the book.

And while sometimes when I read a book of this nature, I end up feeling like there are so many things that I want to “change” about myself, that didn’t happen here. Digging Deeper simply made me look at some core beliefs and play around with them, touch them, absorb them and then look at them with a slightly different perspective. It has caused me to look deeper into myself, and not with harsh judgment or fear but with actual longing to know myself better.

I’ve loved Tara’s writing for awhile, I’ve loved her blog posts and getting to know her. I love her vision and her determination to grow and to encourage growth in others. This book is an invitation of sorts, to get to know yourself better, and to do some beautiful growing of your own. It’s not just written “towards” you, it draws you in and begs to be handled and worked through.

Thank you Tara for pushing yourself so that others can grow.

Alicia – www.milagrogirl.com

Tara, I wanted to thank you for your e-book, Digging Deep. I would say that it came at a perfect time in my life, allowing me to delve into some issues and assumptions that have been playing around the edges of my mind, but I think that the beauty of this book is that it will hit anyone at a ‘perfect time’. The techniques and ideas in this book are relevant for fleshing out both small and large issues that any person has at any given time.

What has stayed with me the most this time, out of all of the amazing inspiration and methodology in this book, is the story of the clouds. It seems silly to say, but this one metaphor has helped me in four different relationships since I read it – with my children, my husband, my can-be-difficult-to-relate-to father, and in a discussion with a group of people about homeschooling. I say “what has stayed with me the most *this time*” because I know that the next time I work through this book, I will come away with something that I likely didn’t even notice this time but will be of more importance to me at that time.

I often wonder when getting an e-book if it will be ‘worth it’. This one, without a doubt, is worth it.

Its content will be useful for years and years down the road and I can’t thank you enough for putting the processes that have worked – and are still working – for you down on paper for the rest of us to benefit from.

Thank you – and I hope to see more from you in the future!

Sarah Heiner – The Bookworm’s Basket[/taratestimonial]

Tara, Tara, TARA!

I am very near tears.

I got your offer for Digging Deep in my email box earlier this week. I clicked over to read about it, possible purchase and then hesitated. I let it sit in my inbox, almost until the last minute. But then, when it was one of the last things I was wondering about as I drifted off to sleep, and one of the first things I thought about as I got dressed and showered for the day, I told myself I needed to purchase your e-book.

I have to say, that I don’t normally go for things like this, the self-helpy stuff. But something about this pulled me in and made me wonder, what if? What if this is what I have been needing to hear, do and understand (for and) about myself. I knew I loved your writing and insights from your blog, your spirit and passion- and I think that is what made me take the leap and just buy the darn thing. 🙂

I started to listen to your words today while at work (I know, I know… one of the first things you say is to be in a place that you can focus… but sometimes I like to have words pouring in when I am only half listening, letting them soak in and simmer without my whole mind wrapping around them.).

You, my dear, are a very special and talented lady. Your words, your voice, your thoughts and your knowledge are powerful and insightful. I turned it off when I realized I needed to be in a space where I could listen and follow along in the book at the same time.

I am going to make the time for this, because I need it, because I deserve it and because I have felt soooo stuck and confused about where I want to take my career and my life. I will set myself up for success (I really liked that part of your intro, btw) and walk my way through this book. It might take me a few weeks or a few months or maybe even a few years…

I have to and want to say thank you. Thank you for being brave and honest and open and willing to share. There’s a lot stirring in me right now, I think this is just what I needed.
love and hugs,
Vanessa – 2nd Spring



Woodchuck - On the Organic Parenting e-course


I started coaching with Tara late last summer, and along the course of our first conversation I told her that I wanted to be a life coach. Then I listed all the reasons why it couldn’t happen, all of the things that I needed to do before I could become real. What I didn’t realize then is that the only thing I needed to become “real” was to believe in myself and my dreams.

Over the next few months of Digging Deep and working one-on-one with Tara, I cleared out so many old beliefs that I’d knowingly and unknowingly clung to for years that were keeping me for my dream of coaching. I felt stronger, and more able to give and be and do all of the things that lived in my heart.

Doing OBM was intense, electrifying, staggering. It was a whirlwind of brainstorming, processing, and getting so clear and focused on why and what I wanted to do that discovering the rest of my answers became easy.

OBM was my first experience with group coaching. The connection, energy and camraderie within our group was so much fun, and when I’d get jammed up somewhere I knew that my group would be there to offer up their viewpoints and ideas.

And to be completely real with you, between running her first business as a massage therapy company to her current one of a thriving coaching program, Tara has such a deep well of information inside of her, and she’s just waiting and wanting to share it with you. Working with her in OBM laid a solid, strong, unshakeable foundation for my coaching practice.

Oh, and that coaching practice of mine?
It launched March 1, just 6 short months after I first expressed it.
Here’s to making our dreams real.

Jenn Gibson – Roots of She

Having completed Tara’s Business Mastermind, I can’t imagine buying business training that didn’t include coaching on Digging Deep and personal feedback. My favourite part of working with Tara is how adept she is at making me examine my thoughts and beliefs that hold me back from being anything less than real.

Her business knowledge is both extensive and practical, and it is her innate gift of helping me overcome my blocks and inhibitions that I would happily pay for again and again.

Business training that doesn’t help you grow as a spiritual being is just a waste of time.

Patti Tinholt, Alternative Educator – Canadian Unschooler

Whether you’re starting a new business or have been in business for years, I highly recommend Tara’s program. Because of the astute and current business knowledge, combined with Tara’s amazing style, and the positive energy created by the teams she puts together, you’re guaranteed to gain actionable ideas and knowledge, and see new ways to grow your business that you probably have not even considered before.

Kelly Sparks, Founder/President – GIS Training Source

I never properly said thank you to you for the wisdom you imparted throughout the Business Mastermind. I honestly feel so much clearer about my business now, and I have focus and direction (two things I was lacking without even realising it). You’ve prompted me to DIG IN and get to grips with some fears I had about putting myself out there. Just last night, I saw a comment on my About page from a girl I went to university with. I was so nervous to read what she’d said. Not many people in ‘real life’ know about my site yet, and I still worry about what they might say. Turns out, she was very impressed with what she saw…my writing had made her think and encouraged her to read more. I was so pleased!

Again, thank you for everything over the past couple of months. I now feel armed and ready to move forward. Seriously, I loved every minute of being part of the group. I feel as if I’ve come into my own now. I’m so happy about the connections I’ve made and I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with too! So thank you again. And I’d recommend the Mastermind to anyone!

Rebecca – Mindful Misfits

Thank you so much for this program. I love love loved it. Honestly, I just love everything you offer. It is so incredibly authentic, powerful, and you are incredibly intuitive in your ability to guide the conversation speak right to the heart of whatever is happening at the moment. You have made an incredible impact on my life and brought so much positive shifting and self confidence. I am so glad that I found you and I hope that one day we can meet in person so I can give you a big warm hug!

I feel like I have so much to do in the next few months and I also feel like I have the skills to create my business and deal with the overwhelm that comes with accepting such a great challenge. I loved the small group of women and the way we balanced all this important info with coaching and taking time to dig into the things holding us back. I also really like how we were split into two smaller groups. My small group plans to continue having our phone meetings, so we can keep touching base and encouraging each other along.

Thanks again for everything,
Tatiana Abatemarco – Mama Philosopher


Traveling full time in an RV can be lonely. Having a beautiful tribe of women helps me feel connected while we travel. It fills my soul and gives me a small place in this world to feel grounded and at home.

While our crazy schedule often prevents me from being on all of the calls, the recordings that show up in my inbox are my lifeblood. Always seeming to show up at just the right moment, they refresh me and get me back in a present state. This had been a major component to keeping myself balanced and happy while on the road.

It has enriched my life in so many ways. Very much in a “you don’t know what’s missing until something wonderful comes in to your life” sort of way. I am so thankful for Tara and the amazing women that she draws together. Traveling or not, I think we all need a tribe.

Wendy – On the road, USA

Through Tara I have met an amazing group of women that is my safe and sacred place online.  I visit them when I have something big to share, when I question life “stuff,” and when I need guidance when I’m digging deeper into my soul.  These are my long-distance sisters that I trust to not be judgmental and allow me to be truly authentic and vulnerable in their presence.

Any time of the day, I can grab my coffee and sit down to chat with (or listen to) a group of women who are like-minded and bring real support and real love to the table each and every time.  Every woman needs a place in a tribe like this one.

Jennie – Making A Home and Family

[taratestimonial]Wow, holy call! You held the space so beautifully. And you guided so gently and so serving of the truth that it made me sink in deep to my own connections and needs.

I see in your work, words, and in the others that joined, and in you: Wisdom & Faith
I feel from your work and in me: Trust & Joy

Thank you.

Much love,
Amy Lee, Midwife to Self-Discovery – The Growing Table[/taratestimonial]

[taratestimonial]This work is so important! And the calls [in The Library] have been amazing. I am left with so many ideas, new perspectives, and confirmation of some of the things I just know to be true deep down.
There is this huge current in our society going in a different direction, and I know in my heart that I don’t want to go that way. Having a supportive community makes me feel excited (instead of daunted) by those intuitions and beliefs. Thank you!


[taratestimonial]Thank you so much for last night! I don’t know what I was expecting but it was so much more!
I have pages of doodles and arrows and notes and my own thoughts scribbled beside. It’s so amazing to have other people who are experiencing what I am, to share, to hear other opinions. It was so much fun. My mind has been swirling with so many thoughts. Making time to “dig deep” this weekend!




It was wonderful to meet you last night [at the women’s circle]. I really loved the energy and love we all had flowing that night. You had so many interesting and thought-provoking things to say. I felt a lot of pulls that night – a pull to wander off alone to think, a pull to go dance the night away, a pull to hug and cry, a pull to form a smaller circle and really get into all the nitty gritty. I felt like that night was a first step in a very long journey I need to make. – Joy




[taratestimonial]Tara’s insights and reflections are so powerful, yet delivered with such a dose of kindness and compassion that I can hear them and receive them fully. She is an incredibly strong woman who’s own search for Truth has allowed her to become a light for others. Put that with her stunning ability to phrase things .. and wow!

Natalie – NatalieChalmers.com

The last six months has been a crazy transformation, and it all started with your site. Ground Zero for Transformation, as it were. I could not be happier.

Over the last few months, you’ve introduced me to people and ideas that became threads in a transformation that is ongoing, and amazing, and shattering. My life will never be the same. My life is not the same as it was when I first started reading your blog. [You are] a bright glimmering thread in my unravelling and reweaving.

Rainy – Honey and Dollie


[taratestimonial]Thank you for being here. Thank you for helping me realize I can shiver free of all the repression and angst of my upbringing and continuing social expectations.

Thank you,
CJ – Figure It Out With CJ


[taratestimonial]The Organic Sister has been a joy for me to read. Tara’s insights about life, parenting, unschooling, and living an “Organic Life” really makes me think about my life in a different way. I love reading about her adventures on the road and I am inspired by her writing style, and her inspiring blog.

Carol Greenstein – San Diego, California

[taratestimonial]Tara, You are amazing chica! I have been so blessed by your site. Because of it I have stopped the use of corporal punishment. There isn’t yelling (or as much any way–I still lose it occasionally) and I’ve been feeling better as a parent in general.

I just wanted to thank you for being you and for allowing me to open my eyes to a much healthier alternative to the way I was raised.

Ember – Ember Light[/taratestimonial]