The Things That Matter in 5 Years, What We Birth, and the Space Between

A lot of you have asked me where the inspiration for my “Organic Wisdom” updates on Twitter and Facebook come from. The answer?

They are my own reminders. They are the things that my intuition reminds me when I pay attention, the things I hear when I’m banging my head against the keyboard, the words Spirit slips my way when I’m artfully avoiding it.

This one {above} has been with me for years.

Do you know how often I find myself nit-picking, nagging, sighing over {a little habit I picked up from my mom – thanks Mom. ;) }, getting riled up about, worrying over, or generally being a bitch about that WILL. NOT. MATTER. in five years?

More than I care to enumerate.

Life is a freaking process.
Growth is a practice.
Letting go challenges me in deep and sometimes shattering ways.

We travel to Vegas this weekend, to meet Zeb there and see my sister walk down the aisle and spend the Thanksgiving week with family.

I’m equal parts excited and not ready.

Lordy Lordy look who found a vintage carry-on suitcase for the plane. #score #thriftstoresrock
Vintage luggage find at the thrift store.

This quiet space we’ve had lately has been one of those shattering things – shattering in the very best of ways. Just Justin and I and a quiet little patch of Nature. He’s been working for a state park here in FL and loving it, and I’m not going to lie – I’ve been loving all these quiet hours to myself.

Space to DIG IN, space to throw it all away and practice surrender to what is, space to play in my art journal {my god, that’s been a journey of its own}, space to experience stillness.

All this space is not something most of us women or mamas see often.

We are busy. No…we keep ourselves busy. We birth families and work and homes, and then we birth drama and fear and “shoulds” {or maybe we adopt those}. And we forget to birth peace of mind. We forget to birth understanding. We forget to birth empathy and patience and roots.

We forget to birth ourselves.

{Or maybe that’s just me?}

These past three weeks, with Zeb in Vegas with family, and Justin working, I’ve been birthing myself. I’ve felt myself shatter to pieces in order to fall back together. And this shattering has happened again and again. It’s been painful and exhausting and uplifting and lightening.

And I don’t think it’s over. But my space is coming to an end. We’ll be with family for a week – busyness and energy overflowing. Then Zeb will fly home with us and life will shift again – maybe shift back or shift forward, I don’t know.

And my heart keeps asking, how do you maintain this much space, needed for this place I’m in, this place of pulling back, of slowing down, of sinking in?

I’ve made some hard choices recently – choices to slow down my work, choices to put projects on hold, choices to back off certain activities.

These choices all come from the same message: This is a period of pulling in. A period of examining what will matter in 5 years.

Maybe it’s in alignment with the whole Mercury Retrograde thing. Or my upcoming birthday. Or maybe it’s just one of those spaces we all experience in our life, when the flow ebbs and we take the time to breathe and be and sink back into what matters.

{Ask yourself: What is Life saying to you about what matters? How much energy are you sinking into what doesn’t?}

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