Thirty, Twelve and Eleven

August is a busy, busy month in our little family with two birthdays and an anniversary.

Justin was up first turning 30 a few weeks ago!

We’re big on celebrating milestones and on celebrating life, so 30 seemed like a pretty significant number to do something big with.

What did he choose? Skydiving!

Zeb and I watched from the ground, jumping up and down as we saw the plane, saw him jump out of the plane and at one point even heard his Woohoo reach us on the ground. And the look on his face and his serene demeanor after was priceless.

taking off


after his big jump!

Zeb’s birthday was up next, and like a classic 12 year old, he requested no photos. [Insert sad mama face here.]

I do however have a photo of the two of them juggling together! ♥

juggling guys

I guess you’ll just have to take my word that we watched hours of his favorite movies, went bowling with my sister and her family, then out for pizza.

Then came our anniversary – today actually.

My sweet hubby and I have been together for 11 years, married for nine.

We spent the day together, shopping the farmer’s market, then out to lunch, a movie, a walk on the Michigan beach with ice cream and lots and lots of reminiscing about how we met (he saw me at a warehouse and was almost too shy to introduce himself – someone else did it for him), what made us fall in love (oh so many little things) and what made it last (that’s a whole post right there).

Red Mesa Grill




Love him

I’m so incredibly in love with these two guys of mine and am so happy they were born into my life. ♥

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Thanks for this. I miss your family blogs. Thanks for sharing a bit about your life. Congrats on the Bdays and the anniversary. Celebrating is so much fun. :)

Multiple happys to all y’all!

Congrats to you all. What a wonderful set of celebrations.

So glad you continue to love life!!! I am sure you will have something else to celebtate next month even though the birthdays are over.
Miss you all.

Congratulations on your anniversary!

I love celebrating people’s birthdays. Not just waiting for the ‘big’ ones but celebrating the anniversary of someone’s birth every year.

2012, on my next birthday, I want to skydive too. That would be the coolest 46th birthday ever! Even if I do hate heights. I only plan on living once.

Awww! Happy anniversary, Tara! xox

Awesome post, Tara! Love hearing about your life. Great photos!

Happy day happy day and happy congrats!

Congratulations to everybody! (P.S. I miss all the posts about your life.)

Well hello there!

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