Dear wonderful woman,
You deserve to thrive. To know yourself. To love yourself. To honor yourself. (Even the messy stuff.)

Your family deserves the same thing.

What I talk about isn’t about changing anyone or anything; it’s about coming back to what we’ve known all along, back to Who We Are at our core.

It’s about examining the conventional wisdom we’ve accepted as gospel truth, examining the things we’ve taken for granted as “just the way things are”, about examining the stories we tell ourselves about life and those we share it with. It’s about healing the things that keep us from radical authenticity, compassionate acceptance, and unconditional love.

It’s about organic wholeness.

We all have barriers to our innate, organic wholeness, we all have challenges “unique” to our own lives, and we all have the ability to learn and grow. We all get to walk through those challenges, picking up the tools and the insights and the awareness we need along the way.

I’d like to connect with you, to share some of my tools and insights, to maybe walk together for awhile. I’d like you to get to know me and what I do, in hopes that you might find something you maybe didn’t even realize you were looking for.

I’d love for you to signup to start hearing from me more often – both blog updates and also love notes I don’t share elsewhere. You can also scroll down to see a bit of what I’ve done in the past and follow what calls out to you.

About Tara Wagner

Hello there wonderful sister, my name is Tara. I’m a life coach with a pretty big message and mission: to help women heal and release their fears, self-doubt and uncertainty in order to live the organic (unconventional) and authentic life that calls to them. To help us get out of our head, and drop into our hearts so that all we do (and say and create) can come organically from our core (not our habits or fears).

The Digging Deep process and the other tools I offer here are a gigantic part of my work, helping women (including myself!) overcome barriers in ourselves, our families, and our lives by way of self-examination and a practice of deeper, conscious, and principle-based living.

If this work and my message speaks to you, I hope that you’ll stick around, signup to receive more from me, and connect with us in the Sisterhood. Because you’re worth more than settling for conventional wisdom. It’s time to embrace what is organic for you. Read more about me here