Hello sweet soul,

I’m really honored you’re poking around here. I think that means you resonate with this message of deep and organic living and you are curious what I might be able to offer to support you in your own ride through life and its ups and downs, messes and successes.

Below is my heart and soul, my coaching and my tools put into a more DIY version of support. It’s pretty unconventional and not for everyone, but then that’s probably exactly why you’re here.


The Library: A Conscious Living E-Bundle What if you had a magic bag for personal growth? I’m talking about something you could reach your hand into and pull out just the right message and reminder that would guide you through the end of a bad week…That would align your spirit with the Truth you carry in your heart…That could serve as a quiet space to slip into with a cup o’ warmth and a blanket of self-love? This e-bundle includes:

  • Mentoring to help you live authentically and true to yourself
  • Practices to increase your mindfulness and clarity
  • Tools to nurture strong and passionate partners
  • Guidance to support a healthy parent-child connection
  • 100+ tools in all…with never-expiring access!

Click below to learn more about what’s included in this e-bundle.


Digging Deep: Get to the root of you Digging Deep is my baby and the groundwork for everything else I do. Here’s just some of what you can use the Digging Deep process for:

  • Overcoming the thought “I’m not good enough”
  • Healing from the pain of past experiences
  • Clearing the anger or frustration that plagues your emotions
  • Move through uncertainty, overwhelm or self-doubt to find your own strength, courage and wisdom
  • Overcoming the barriers in your life, self, work or relationships authentically




Organic Parenting: The unconventional guide to vibrant mamas and thriving kids Mindful. Patient. Respectful. Conscious. Centered. Playful. Connected. Cooperative. Wonderful. Authentic. Responsive. Warm. Interest-Led. Autonomous. Engaged. Enjoyable. Challenging (the good kind). Spiritual. Trusting. Compassionate. Flowing. Confident. Silly. Supported.Are these the words that resonate parenting for you? Do you want them to be? This e-course includes:

  • Tools to help YOU feel grounded, energetic and vibrant
  • Practices to end the power struggles and overwhelm
  • Strategies to create a home of peace and cooperative thriving
  • And bonus materials from some incredible contributors, such as Jan Hunt, Naomi Aldort and more

Sound like what you’re looking for?



Digging Into Your Guiding Word I get so many questions on my Guiding Words, how I come to them (rather, how they come to me), and how I work with them (rather, let them work on me), that I sat down and started compiling all the prompts and practices I use to guide me to my Guide. This process is for any deep, unconventional, and wholehearted man or woman seeking…:

  • An in-depth understanding of the events of the past year: why they happened and what to do with them
  • A spiritual process to help you recreate conventional “goals” into something both profound and inevitable
  • A rich practice to help you stay in alignment with your soul’s intention and Life’s guidance throughout your year or goals
  • Move through uncertainty, overwhelm or self-doubt to find your own strength, courage and wisdom
  • Some creative fun to open your heart and mind to a full spectrum of possibilities