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I’m consistently inspired by the incredible people out there offering powerful life-, family- and business-transforming products.

This is my collection of resources, affiliate products and links to things I love and know to be valuable. Check it out for odds and ends, inspiration and more tools from other sources.

My Love for Essential Oils
No surprise that organic health is where it’s at for me. And I absolutely love using essential oils in our home.

We use essential oils for everything for cleaning and flea control to healing stomach problems, treating joint and muscle pain and elevating moods. We talk a lot about them on Sustainable Baby Steps and offer a free ebook to any new customers who purchase from our affiliate store!

Click here to see our favorite oils.*

Books to Change Your World
I have put together a collection of my favorite books by my very favorite authors on my Amazon a-Store.

It includes everything from inspiring to practical, fiction and non-fiction, family to personal, business to ecological. These are the ones I’ve read and loved, some that are on my To-Read list because they come so highly recommend by trusted friends and a few that I wish I could get every person above the age of 14 to read.

Click here to find some life-changing books.*


Parenting for Social Change
Teresa Graham Brett is an author, coach and advocate for social change. She knows that to see greater change in the world of equality we need to start in our homes, with the way we raise our children. She speaks and coaches on the long-term dangers of using control or coercion in our parenting and how we can overcome our conditioning to find a healthier alternative in our own families.

Teresa is also a friend of mine and I personally love and recommend her to everyone I know for her vast, deep and intuitive knowledge and tools that have helped me in my own parenting.

Teresa also offers free training on her site, Eliminate Conflict with Children and Create Greater Peace in Your Home, that I wholeheartedly recommend.

Click here to visit Teresa and get her free training.*

Roots of She
Jenn Gibson is a soulful life coach, and creator of Roots of She, helping other women to know they are not alone and nurture themselves in a deeper, richer capacity.

She’s gorgeous, authentic and spunky, as well as so deeply rooted in her Truth and her message of self-care and nurturing our own deeper needs that she inspires the snot out of me with her bad (and grounded) self. I’ve had the honor to work closely with her and I hope you will to.

And she offers a free e-course, Self-Care for the Soul, which is filled with her inspiration, wisdom and tools to love and care for yourself deeply.

Click here to visit Jenn and get her free ecourse.*


A Growing List of Goodies

One of these days I’ll create a spare moment to really fill this out. In the meantime, feel free to just ask my opinion. ;)

How do I go green? Wild Sister: Green Juice For The Soul

Other Sites or People I Love and Support
Brad Yates, EFT Practitioner

*Heck yeah they’re affiliate links! I only affiliate for the people or products I trust, love and want to support. Purchasing from these links will share the love with me and my family with a modest commission at no additional cost to you.