Twenty-Nine Intentions

Today is my 29th birthday and I could not be happier spending it in my happy place as we drive north to Eugene for a week.

I’ve been thinking on my last birthday and the list I created for myself. I couldn’t cross all of them off and I’m really okay with that. When it came down to it, I was so wrapped up in the adventure of just living this life that the things I thought I wanted to do had long lost my interest.

Life has an amazing way of changing what it is you think you want.

I feel like I went into the year with a great idea of things I wanted to do, because I had such little idea of what such an amazing year would have me experiencing. And last year was an experience like no other.

Not because of anything I did, but because of everything it did to me.

So as I sit here, I can’t help but ask myself if creating another list is actually pointless. Can I really predict where the next year will bring me or what I’ll want to do once I get there?

Yes. 🙂

I can predict it. I can wish it. I can dream it up all big and juicy, create some amazing goals and set my intentions.

My predictions may not be 100% accurate and I may not cross off all those crazy ideas.

But I’d rather approach the next year of my life with big, crazy intentions of the adventures I want to create and then allow them to evolve as the moment offers.

Happy Birthday To Me!

Some of these things are carry-overs from the last list, some aren’t. Some of them can’t possibly be perfected in one year. But all of them resonate with me.

This year I want to:

  1. Learn to drive a manual
  2. Drive the 5th wheel
  3. Knit a pair of socks already!
  4. Snorkel in the Keys
  5. Visit the Smithsonian
  6. Hang out of a San Francisco trolley
  7. Play stop motion with Zeb
  8. Leave messages or gifts of love in random places
  9. Create a Gratitude Habit
  10. Practice the fine art of advocating for kids
  11. Make silly/wicked/fun/cool home videos
  12. Create a Life List
  13. Validate, appreciate, and celebrate authenticity
  14. Do something that scares me
  15. Smile bigger
  16. Love my body
  17. CREATE!
  18. Foster the beautiful things in life
  19. Make a difference
  20. Dance, dance, dance
  21. Write my heart out
  22. Be a fool to make someone laugh
  23. Travel off the continent
  24. Stare up at Mt Rushmore
  25. Stay up late laughing with friends
  26. Write more letters
  27. Create success
  28. Challenge myself regularly
  29. Bury a time capsule!

33 Replies to “Twenty-Nine Intentions”

  1. Happy Birthday, Tara!!!
    I love your intentions list… I may just have to “borrow” this. 😉 I also LOVE the idea of creating a Gratitude Habit. I’ve been thinking along those same lines lately. Love your site and love what you’ve being doing the past year!!! Tons of inspiration. Hope you have an FABULOUS day. 🙂

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday! You share it with one of my huskys, Luna 🙂

    #8 reminded me of The Toy Society. You make handmade toys, leave them with a note in a random place for a kid (or adult!) to find. It’s pretty neat!

  3. Happy Birthday love to you!

    Great list. I should start that this year.

    Funny that you posted that quote because yesterday while hooping that song came on and that sentence hit me hard. I made plans to put it in a canvas collage project soon.

  4. Happy, happy birthday!

    Love the list, and I especially want to hear about your gratitude habit. I have been wanting to create one for our family, but nothing that we’ve (admittedly haphazardly) tried has felt right.

    1. yeah we’ve tried them together a loooong time ago but it didn’t work. i think because it was *my* need and they just felt like it was a chore. lol i am much more enjoying doing it for myself and allowing that to radiate to others if they find inspiration from it.

  5. Happy Birthday!

    Your list from last year is one of the things that inspired me to make a list for myself this year. I love your attitude about it as well.

    If you ever need help with #3, I can do that. And if we cross paths in the next year, dreads are on my list so maybe you’ll be able to help me with that 🙂


    When you’re heading south to experience number four make sure you come by and stay for awhile on the coast. We’ll eat good food and surf! Love, Love, love the list.

  7. happy birthday! lovely list, you are such an inspiring light. if you get to the keys to snorkel, check out Bahia State Park or Long Key, both beautiful camping spots, right on the ocean, amazing. 🙂 maybe we will even be down this way at the same time in our adventures. and, the messages or gifts of love in random places, we have done this with peace seeds made out of clay, or simple index cards with an inspiring thought. so much fun, and wow if more and more people could do this and share the love!

    have a great birthday and 29th year, beautiful mama!

  8. my husband just sent me a link to your site. i kind of have a girl crush on you. you are so living the life we’re working toward right now! i’m so excited by your blog. you are parallel so much of our current life too. wow. the universe is interesting no?

  9. Happy Birthday Tara!! It’s a wonderful list and you have inspired me to make one too. BTW, #19 I believe you have done over and again :).

  10. Happy Birthday Tara hope you are having magical birthday celebrations.

    Your list sounds great, and predicts many adventures to come during the next 12 months. It seems like the best attitude to such an exercise – to open the mind to thinking about would you would like to attract and have manifest in your life in the near and not so near future, but then be open to the fact that some of it will happen, some of it may happen but not immediately and some of it may not happen at all. There is no point wasting time and energy doing something just because you happened once to put it on a list and put the list on the blog, if it is no longer exciting or relevant to you. Equally, if it were not for stating these intentions who know what other adventures you might have missed out on – by starting down one path, that may lead you off on a tangent to another path, another discovery or another connection – I look forward to hearing all about your adventures during the year and growing and learning alongside you. With love
    Jules x

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