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My laptop is home again, home again. Jiggety jig! I know you’ve been dying to actually SEE what we’ve been up to in the yard; or at least I’ve been dying to share. Get comfy; we’ll be here a minute.

First of all, we finished the fence. Justin was not happy with the way it turned out (his own worst critic + scrap material = something he’s not proud to say he did) so in order to “camoflauge” the mix and match pieces we painted/stained it. See?

View from street

I’ve also finished the irrigation and started “construction” of the pathways. Irrigation is a must when you only get 4 inches of rainfall a year. Not the most sustainable but the best we can do out here. The rocks we’re using are all the rocks dug up in our yard when planting or fixing busted lines, etc. Each “coil” of irrigation line will contain our little permaculture gardens or “zones” – watermelons, squash, corn, beans, anything that does not need a raised bed.

Inside View 1a

Can you see what I see? The beauty of what is to come!? No? Here let me help you ;)

Inside View 1b

Aren’t she beautimous? The trellis in the back will hold heavier climbers, like melon or squash or whatever I can get up there. Along the front is planted our rose bushes and will also contain wildflowers, native flowers, honeysuckle and other pretties to attract the bees and hummingbirds and butterflies. Around the tree we placed blocks to protect the trunk from the sheet mulching. I will most likely plant herbs or maybe strawberries inside the blocks.

Moving up along our driveway you can see the next section with all the paths and “Zones” for veggies and herbs and such.

Inside View 2a

Here’s what I see:

Inside View 2b

That black box back there is the solar oven Justin has been working on (only needs its reflectors!). You can see where my corn will likely go this year on the right and one of the pomegranate trees off in the corner.

Here’s the view from the front door out to the street and a better view of the paths we’re making out of our rock collections.

Inside View 3a

A better view…

Inside View 3b

The trellis to the left will hold lighter climbers (it’s a lighter-weight trellis; the other side is a heavy-weight) such as flowers and perhaps cukes or something. I want to try to keep the walkway up the driveway and the area along the sidewalk mostly floral, so it looks and smells nice and no one is tempted to sample without asking first.

Here’s the view standing by the gate to the backyard. (I’m only showing you the unadorned ones so you can see how I did the irrigation lines.)

Inside View 4a

Here it is beautified.

Inside View 4b

Here are the pomegranates trees. You can see in this photo how difficult of a time I had getting that damn tubing uncoiled. Okay, maybe you can’t but I know.

Inside View 5a

And again cuz I can’t resist.

Inside View 5b

That’s a container in blue because it looks like it will be an empty spot without enough water. I’m thinking maybe my moth beans will be good in containers since I most assuredly forget to water containers.

Here are the fruit trees in the backyard after being wrapped in irrigation tubing.

Fruit Trees 1

Bear with me.

Fruit Trees 2

I’m hoping to add strawberries and/or asparagus under the canopies to act as a living mulch. That brown things in the back will be new raised beds, probably for winter depending on the shade from the trees over the next few years.

And then my beauty. My ginormous raised beds, primarily for tomatoes. Ain’t she a beaut? It’s located just to the right of my fruit trees in the above picture. I’d like to say the E shape holds some sort of symbolism being the first letter of my deceased father’s last name, but it’s not. It was really just the most space efficient design I could come up with for that area and it’s irrigation heads. (Sorry Dad.) The containers will be moved when I find a space for them.

Large Raised Bed for Tomatoes

Jimeny Christmas, it certainly is a beautiful picture I see everytime I look outside. If you’ve taken yard photos or photos of plans-to-be, I want to see!

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Wow looks awesome! I love the graphic overlays.

I’m much less ambitious, just doing a little bit every year. Good for you or going so big!

Those are awesome photos! It’s great to see all that, and you are quite the Ar-teest! You are doing so much with your place in Vegas. Unfortunately, if I took pics of our yard now all you’d see is white stuff…

What great work! You’re killing me with the drawings! lol
That’s a very well planned out garden. And tell your Justin that the fence looks fine from here.

Wow, I can’t imagine the time and planning hours you’ve put into this!! I can’t wait to see everything blooming!!

This is great. I look forward to following your progress on this.

love this concept. hope it works out great for you. i also love the to do list on the side of your blog. hope you don’t mind if i borrow that idea. i think having a visual of the things i want to do will help me stay focused.

This is so exciting. You have such a thought out plan, I love it. It looks fabulous!

Well hello there!

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