Warning: Cynicism Ahead

What have we done to ourselves?

It has dawned on me, as I sat reading the side of the cracker box, just how inorganic our lives have become. The incessant belief that what is not natural is best has not failed to astound me. We have disconnected ourselves from nature, from life, from love and then wonder indignantly why it bites at us whenever we reach our hand to it. We have become strangers to our own innate attributes. We have arrogantly assumed we know better than our native instincts; instincts we now cannot even hear over the blast of commercialism or blaring demands of conformity.

And it’s all around us. Our food touts labels such as “Made with real juice” or “Preservative Free” as if that’s some type of novelty to make us “Ooh” and “Aah”. Or my personal favorite, “Tastes Like Real Cheese” while we slowly forget what real cheese tastes like. We’ve bought into nourishment created in a laboratory, genetically modified to allow for winter availability. And we proudly state we are “moving forward” with such technological advancements. But how many stop to ask the million dollar question, moving forward into what…and leaving what behind?

But by far the best example of all of our excitement in recreating what has already been perfected in nature: Let’s gather up the next generation while they are still young and impressionable, pigeon hole them into submission, crush their creativity and free-thinking tendencies and call it education. Sure, we’ll recreate socialization with a 20 minute recess limiting them to their approved actions, play area and authorized companions. We’ll divide up the fluidity of their days into sections, calling them English, Math or Science, making them foreign and uncomfortable. And we’ll make it compulsory so that millions of citizens do not know they have a constitutional right to another choice.

We will take life and all that is living, peeling back its outer layers piece by piece, stripping it bare of its natural qualities, dress it up with a few frightening statistics, place it within approved boundaries, add a bow and a splash of colorful advertising, sell it as “real life” and pat ourselves on the back as we marvel at our ingenuity. Oh, but we’ll be sure to round it out by taking what was once pure and unadulterated and labeling them as “barbaric”, “radical”, “unrefined”, “absurd”, “extreme” or “impossible”.

We’ve tried to reinvent the wheel but in the end all our efforts have shown was something square and incapable of turning on its axis. And yet we just keep jostling ourselves down the same road, insisting the bumps can be overcome. We carry this ignorant training on to adulthood and every area of our lives. We comply with the absurdity of labels and groups in our adult world, vote based on how a person looks, what religion or gender or race they are, and allow those that taught us what to think to continue do our thinking for us.

We’re grown up versions of second graders – it’s no wonder why so many think that school teaches our children how to cope in “the real world”. Our “real world” has become a heart-breaking and absurd example of freedom and justification. What we call free is no more than diluted visions of grandeur. We’re directed down paths of conformity, taught that violence is bad but condone violence to teach a lesson, spout verses of love while our hearts hide hatred. We blindly follow the words of leaders, any leaders instead of the voice of our hearts. We ignore or commit to martyrdom our modern day prophets, ignorant to their true message.

That’s the true purpose of our modern institutionalized age. To indoctrinate the values and principles of the powers that be, to instruct them on how to follow the masses and condemn true freedom. Ignore your heart, ignore your instinct and listen to man up front. Don’t ask too many questions, don’t worry your pretty little head about such big things. Just follow along and we’ll take care of you.

But 20, 30, 50, 100 years down the road, we’ll wonder why we’ve become uncaring, disconnected, disease-riddled, and stagnant. We’ll wonder why our technological advancements have slowed to a trickle and our family fabric has been torn to shreds. But will we ever connect it to the wedge we now put between ourselves and our children, ourselves and our bodies and spirits, ourselves and our neighbors, ourselves and the natural, perfectly timed and beautiful ebb and flow of life and growth?

I for one will no longer hold my nose to vote, will not stick my head in the sand, will not sit by idly as insanity marches on. The ridiculous bandwagon rambles on down the road of least resistance but I for one have jumped off to explore a path less approved, a bit “radical” and certain to take our lives in a whole new direction.

Call it unschooling, call it Libertarianism, call it heretics…I call it love.

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails.”

6 Replies to “Warning: Cynicism Ahead”

  1. This is the best thing I’ve read all morning. You’ve taken everything I think about, and put in into the most inspiring paragraph I have ever read. That’s no small feat, and something that I could not do. I really enjoyed this one. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well said! Have you ever read the Little House on the Prairie books? While I would not want to have to eat pantry foods only for more than a day or two, their lifestyle MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! I keep comparing our weird existence to theirs, they were so in touch with the land, the seasons, the daily work of living, the neighbors, each other, freedom, hardship and Faith. They were so much more human than we are! Let’s start to imagine the design of a better world, let’s draw up the blueprints and begin to work toward it. I can tell your family has begun to do just that, bravo! Thanks for the awesome post 😀

  3. I’m brand new to your site as of a few minutes ago. you were recommended by another blog i was skimming over for the first time as well. =)
    I LOVE what you wrote about purpose, diversity, freedom, and reality! It is so inspiring and true. but mostly, I’m writing you because of your “what a year” blog. i recently when through something that caused the same things to happen to me, and i’ve not found (not that I’m really looking) anyone else who could relate.
    AND you have THE BAND, which my husband, son and myself are madly in love with and need to reign in some control with. =)
    anyway. I’ll be adding you to my blogroll for sure!
    if not for any other reason than all my readers will see that there really is someone else out there who’s let go of trying to be perfect, run the race, etc…and in turn has found REAL LIFE.
    congratulations. =)
    Lora from http://www.babyzeek.com

  4. here here!! I have realized that I am a libertarian too!! I feel at home.. I’m gonna switch over soon I think, unless Ron Paul wins the nomination.. then I’ll stay and try to repair..

    I think the day is coming soon and people will be forced to change their lifestyles… so many things are coming together that makes a perfect storm.

    also 2012 is coming soon – some say its armageddon, some say its when we’ll reach enlightenment. I hope for the latter.

    I think life is going to get so crazy that the only ones who can survive are the ones who are awake and trust their intuition.

    I’ll be posting about this soon – the mayan calendar and sustainability.

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