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The Boss Lady’s A-Z of Essential Oils

Every essential oil has multiple – often dozens – of uses, from emotional and physical to household. I’m here to share my favorite uses for helping you live, look, and feel like a total boss.
My recommendations:
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My Top 10 Oils + Affirmations for Self-Employed Women

Want help adopting a boss lady mindset? Download my free guide and learn how to use my top 10 essential oils with their own powerful affirmations to find more confidence, courage, or balance in your life and biz.


Align: Alignment, harmony, self-acceptance, etc
Amavi: Strength, stability, anxiousness, etc
Anchor: Courage, scatteredness, rooted, etc
Arborvitae: Spiritual trust, control issues, etc
Arise: Next level growth, clarity, etc
AromaTouch: Workaholism, flow, worry, etc
Aspire: Focus, clarity, goal-getting, etc


Balance: Grounding, overwhelm, etc
Basil: Extreme stress, adrenals, renewal, etc
Beautiful: Love, peace, support, sorrow, etc
Bergamot: Self-acceptance, self-approval, self-everything
Birch: Stabilization, resolve, etc
Black Pepper: Honesty, emotional repression, etc
Blue Tansy: Inspired action, commitment, purpose, etc
Brave: Courage, heart, integrity, etc
Breathe: Grief, breathing in, letting go


Calmer: Rest, peacefulness, etc
Cardamom: Objectivity, anger, rationalism
Cassia: Self-assurance, social anxiousness, etc
Cedarwood: Community, support, belonging, etc
Cheer: Happiness, hope, encouragement, etc
Cilantro: Controlling, toxicity, worry, etc
Cinnamon: Body acceptance, sexual harmony, intimacy, etc
Citrus Bliss: Creativity, self-expression, money mindset, etc
Clary Calm: Femininity, energetic balance, etc
Clary Sage: Confusion, clarity, intuition, etc
Clove: Boundaries, victim mentality, empowerment, etc
Console: Grief, sadness, meditation, warmth, etc
Copaiba: Unveiling, worthiness, renewed purpose, etc
Coriander: Integrity, inner wisdom, intuitive “no”, etc
Cumin: Non-attachment, releasing toxic energy, etc
Cypress: Feeling stuck, movement and flow, unblocking, etc


DDR Prime: Transformation, renewal, healing, etc
Deep Blue: Letting go of pain, overreacting, etc
DigestZen: “Digesting” life, fear, anxiousness, etc
Dill: Understanding, rationale, engagement, etc
Douglas Fir: Generational wisdom, releasing the past, etc
Dream: Vision, hope, connection to our dreams, etc


Elevation: Dark night of the soul, sadness, overwhelm, etc
Eucalyptus: Wellness, connecting to self-care, etc


Fennel: Taking responsibility, releasing shame, etc
Forgive: Forgiving self, others, and what is, letting go
Frankincense: Love, Light, Truth, and spiritual connection


Geranium: Love, trust, compassion, softening the heart
Ginger: Empowerment, independence, embodiment, etc
Grapefruit: Body-image, self-love, emotional eating, etc
Green Mandarin: Reclaiming joy, letting go of toxic patterns, etc


Harvest Spice: Healthy family gatherings and personal integrity
Hawaiian Sandalwood: Letting go of ego, resistance, and attachments
HD Clear: Anger, perfectionism, self-worth, etc
Helichrysum: Emotional wounds, growing through pain, healing, etc
Hinoki: Slowing down, releasing pressure from yourself, etc
Holiday Joy: Celebration, joy, connection, etc
Holiday Peace: Security, feeling safe, upheld, etc
Hope: Self-love, connection with higher self, overcoming, etc


Immortelle: Spiritual insight and connection, meditation, etc
InTune: Presence, focus, concentration, mental clarity, etc


Jasmine: Old trauma, luxury, beauty, etc
Juniper Berry: Digging deep, limiting beliefs, shedding light, etc


Kumquat: Authenticity, presence, cheerfulness, etc


Lavender: Communication, trust, calming, rest, etc
Lemon: Focus, capability, positivity, etc
Lemon Myrtle: Scattered, frustration, resentment, coming back to joy, etc
Lemongrass: Energetic vampires, negativity, negative attachment, etc
Lime: Zest for life, energizing, good for loss of interest, etc
Limitless: Success, self-worth, confidence, boldness, etc
Litsea: Manifestation, releasing limiting beliefs, etc


Magnolia: Receiving love, anxiousness from heart center, etc
Manuka: Raising vibrations, uplifting, gratitude, etc
Marjoram: Connection, empathy, removes heart walls, etc
Melaleuca (Tea Tree): Energetic boundaries, toxic people, negative emotions, etc
Melissa (Lemon Balm): Increasing love, light, truth, faith, hope
Motivate: Motivation, energy, stamina, enthusiasm, etc
Myrrh: Connection to Mother Earth, Feminine Divine, healing, etc


Neroli: Deepening self-care, partnership, co-dependency, etc


One: Coming together, increasing collaboration, healthy relationships, etc
OnGuard: Protection, immunity, inner strength, etc
Oregano: Humility, removes limiting beliefs, free at last, etc


Passion: Inspiration, boredom, libido, etc
PastTense: Tension, stress, head and neck, etc
Patchouli: Connection to the body, body acceptance, etc
Peace: Calming nerves, communicating clearly, public speaking, etc
Peppermint: Optimism, energy, playfulness, etc
Petitgrain: Breaking chains, releasing energy, clearing space, etc
Pink Pepper: Limiting beliefs, releasing toxic patterns, etc
Purify: Cleansing toxic spaces, clean slate, mental clarity, etc


Radiant: Radiant self-expression, purpose, etc
Red Mandarin: Joy, mindfulness, presence, releasing stress and worry
Rescuer: Anxiousness, fear, tension, guilt, shame, etc
Roman Chamomile: Purpose, meaning, significance, vision, etc
Rose: High vibration, unconditional love, meditation, etc
Rosemary: Handling transitions, wisdom, mental clarity, etc


Sandalwood: Quieting the mind, sacred practices, spiritual depth, etc
Serenity: Rest, worry, overstimulation, calming, etc
Siberian Fir: Maturity, perspective, wisdom, flexibility through life, etc
Slim & Sassy: Self-love/worth, body acceptance, feeling good in your skin, etc
Spearmint: Speaking up, confidence, communication, etc
Spikenard: Spiritual protection through warfare, gratitude, safety, etc
Star Anise: Fear, dread, anxiousness, etc
Steady: Nervous, anxious, shyness, shrinking away, etc
Stronger: Resiliency, protection, feeling supported, etc
Sunny Citrus: Happiness, contentment, getting unstuck, emotional energy, etc


Tangerine: Happiness, slowing down and enjoying life, etc
TerraShield: Shields and defends against harmful energy
Thinker: Focus, clarity, mental energy, confusion, memory, etc
Thyme: Empathy, tolerance, resentment, anger, etc
Turmeric: Communication, processing information, moving forward, etc


Vetiver: Going within, deeply stabilizing, restorative, etc


Whisper: Gentleness, grace, feminine connection, etc
White Fir: Breaking habits, ancestral healing, growth, etc
Wild Orange: Abundance, creativity, money mindset, etc
Wintergreen: Surrender, trust, stubbornness, resistance, etc


Yarrow/Pom: Healing the past, uplifting, calming, etc
Ylang Ylang: Opens the heart center, childlike joy and wonder, etc
Zendocrine: Detoxing emotions on a physical level

Sniff, Sniff, Affirm

My Top 10 Oils + Affirmations for Self-Employed Women

Want help adopting a boss lady mindset? Download my free guide and learn how to use my top 10 essential oils with their own powerful affirmations to find more confidence, courage, or balance in your life and biz.

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