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How to use Arborvitae essential oil Essential Oil

(Thuja Plicata)

The Emotional Benefits:

  • Grounding and stabilizing
  • Deeply calming to the mind and emotions
  • Supports spiritual faith, trust, and courage
  • Letting go of the struggle (especially feelings that it must be hard to count) or control, or fighting with “what is”

Affirmations to Use with How to use Arborvitae essential oil:

  • Even though life feels like it must be a struggle, I choose to let it be easy.
  • I’m willing to release my ideas of how it should be, and trust what’s unfolding.
  • I relax into an effortless dance with life.
  • I’m not alone in this. I welcome love, support, and guidance.

Cool Stuff About How to use Arborvitae essential oil Oil

Arborvitae is closely watched by Greenpeace and replanted in abundance to ensure its sustainability. It means Tree of Life, and is steam distilled from the Giant Arborvitae tree, a tree highly revered and used by Native Canadians for canoes, baskets, and so much more. To create a closed loop process, the oil is distilled from the sawdust from production of the tree, which is then used to make paper products, so no part of the tree goes to waste. Another cool note: This oil is so good at repelling insects that the tree itself will take over 100 years before it even begins to decompose!

Other Health Benefits:

  • Insect repellent (like whoa)
  • Reviving houseplants by diffusing
  • Promoting skin health throughout fungal concerns
  • Calming skin irritations, itching, redness, etc
  • Promoting proper cell health and function

How to Use How to use Arborvitae essential oil:

  • Use up to 5-8 drops in your diffuser for calming effects.
  • Dilute to your needs and apply to area of concern for physical uses.
  • Dilute and apply to back of neck, feet for grounding, or down spine.

Precautions: Avoid the eyes, inner ears, or other sensitive areas, unless you’re sure you know what you’re doing. Watch for skin sensitization. If irritation occurs, do not add water; apply Fractionated Coconut or other carrier oils and wipe off.

How to use Arborvitae essential oil Recipes:

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