How to Master Your Mindset With Emotional Aromatherapy

  • Release stress, worry, and negative self-talk
  • Overcome procrastination and get more done
  • Learn the top 10 oil recs, so you can keep it simple
  • And know how to use them safely and effectively with in-depth dilution guides, clever diffusing tips, and the most effective mindset mastery strategies 

you’ll learn HOW TO:

How they work within your limbic system to rewrite emotional and thought patterns swiftly and safely

Which oils to use for confidence, energy, and courage, so you can take powerful action on the stuff you've been putting off

Which citrus oils uplevel your money mindset and help you remove your money blocks

The favorite essential oils for clarity and focus, so you can get more done

60+ affirmations to go with each essential oil, so you get faster, more effective results

12+ ways to diffuse essential oils - even if you don't have a diffuser!

A comprehensive dilution guide so you know exactly how much to use for any age, need, or goal

Hi, I’m Tara Wagner.

I’ve been a Belief Breakthrough coach since 2010, helping countless women crush their goals, not their soul. 

I teach female entrepreneurs like you how to uplevel the mindset and habits that will allow you to create that thing you got into business for: freedom.

Time freedom, financial freedom, and most importantly…emotional freedom. 

And this Emotional Aromatherapy Bundle is one powerful key to helping you rewrite your triggers, overcome your blocks, and show up to your business with confidence and excitement.

Without these tools, the process is longer and more painful than it needs to be.

With them, you’ll break through your blocks in record time, so you can #crushyourgoalsnotyoursoul

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